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Hearing God through the Names of God, our Creator


The all powerful Creator God revealed Himself to His finite and wilful creation in small, understandable doses.  With every dealing with mankind, He revealed a little more about His nature, character and purposes.  The name ”El-”, for God, forms compound names associated with some attribute of God in relation to His creation.




1. Elohim

Genesis 1:1, Exodus 3:1-6, 15, Psalm 45:2,6. Plurality of divine Persons at creation.  Used about 2500 times in O.T. for the Trinity, the first recorded revelation of God.

2. El-Elyon

Genesis 14:18. “The Most High God”, who is above all else; spoken to Abram after retrieving Lot, showing God’s Omnipresence.

3. El-Roi

Genesis 16:1-4 Telling the people that He is the One who sees all, Omniscient,

4. El-Shaddai

Genesis 17:1 God the almighty One, the “Many Breasted One” sufficient for meeting all the needs of Abram, of all creation and mankind.

5. El-Olam

Genesis 21:33 “The God of the everlasting”, The always existing One, who never will never die..

6. El-


Genesis 31:13, 35:7. The God of the “House of God”; the God who inhabits the place where He makes His promise and keeps His word, in this case to Jacob.

7. El-Elohe-Isreal

Genesis 33:20 “God the Prince” who chooses to give power between God and man; also the God who changes names and natures of man, given after Jacob learned God was faithful to His   meeting with Esau.

8. Eloah

Deut. 32:15,

Daniel 2:11.

“The One and only true God” in contrast to false gods of the heathen nations.

9. El-Gibbor

Isaiah 9:6, Jeremiah 32:18 “The Mighty or Great God”, prophecy about the Christ and His many names.

10. Elohim-Elyon

Psalm 91:1-2, 78:56. “God the Most High”, David’s song of a Mighty God, under whose wings is shelter, who the children of Israel rebelled against.

11. Elohim-Saboath

Psalm 80:7, 14. David’s pleas for restoration to the “God of Hosts“, declaring God’s Omnipotence.

12. Immanu-El

John 1:1-2, 14-18. The greatest of all Elohistic names, the signature of a covenant making, covenant keeping God; God come to us in flesh, the incarnate Word from the beginning of creation,   in redemption and grace.



Following are the names of God revealed to His own people, giving still another view of Jehovah’s character and nature.  The Hebrews referred to these names as unpronounceable in their holiness.  They used the letters JHVH or YHVH in written form.




1. Jehovah

or Jehweh,

the Lord.

Exodus 3:14-15, 15:3, Isaiah 42:8, Jeremiah 16:21, 33:2, Amos 5:8,   Psalm 68:4. “I am all that I will be”.  God will be to His people all   that they ever need Him to be.  Given to Moses as proof that God was sending Moses to Israel and to Pharaoh; the Unchanging and Unchanged One, who is eternal in existence.

2. Jehovah-Elohim

Genesis 2:4 The Lord God, the Redeemer Creator with a plan and purpose for man.

3. Jehovah-


Genesis 22:14 The Lord will Provide”, a ram was provided for Abraham as a promised sacrifice rather than Isaac.

4. Jehovah-Rapha

Exodus 15:26 “I am the Lord that Heals”.  At the bitter waters of Marah, Israel complained and God set a decree that if they obeyed Him, He would not bring the diseases of Egypt upon them.

5. Jehovah-


Exodus 17;15 “The Lord is my Banner”.  Alter built by Moses after the Amalekites were defeated, to proclaim the Lord’s help in battle.

6. Jehovah- Kanna

Exodus 20:5, 34:14, Deut. 5:9. “The Lord who is jealous”, from the 10 commandments.  God is unwilling to share His people with false gods.

7. Jehovah-Mekaddeskum

Exodus 31:13, Lev. 20:8 “The Lord who sanctifies”.  One who makes His people holy through their obedience to His commandments.

8. Jehovah-Shalom

Judges 6:24 “The Lord our Peace”, given to a fearful Gideon, visited by the angel of God

9. Jehovah-Raah

Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd”; David’s song of God’s care for him.

10. Jehovah-Hosenu

Psalm 95:6 “The Lord our Maker”, worship song of God’s great creation power,

11. Jehovah-Taidkenu

Jeremiah 23:6 “The Lord our Righteousness”, David’s workshop song to God on saving Israel.

12. Jehovah-Shammah

Ezekiel 48:35 “The Lord is There, or Ever-present”, God being present in the new city.


All these qualities are available to us today in the  authority of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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