Hearing God: The Time Line of Adam to Noah

Appendix A:  We trace the Time line from Adam to the time of Noah

The following is the birth and death time line for the generations up to Noah and the Great Flood, as recorded in Genesis 5:1-32:


4000 BC   ADAM – Cain and Abel born, Cain killed Abel.  Cain was banished.  

                          Adam lived until he was 930 years old.

3900                              Adam -130 years old when Seth was born.

                    SETH – 105 years old when Enosh was born, died at 912.

3800               ENOSH – 90 years when Kenan born, dies at 905 years.

3700                   KENAN – 70 years when Mahalalel born,  died at 910.   

                                           Adam was 325 years old when Kenan was born.

3600                    MAHALALEL – 65 years Jarad born, died at 895.  

                                           Adam was 395  years old

 3500                      JARAD – 162 years when Enoch born, died at 962.

                                           Adam was 460 years old.

3400                        ENOCH – 65 Methuselah born, ‘God took him’.

                                          Adam was 622 years old

3300                            METHUSELAH – 187 Lamech born, died 969.

                                          Adam was  637 years old

3200                              LAMECH – 182 as Noah born, died at 777.

                                           Adam was 874 years old

3100                930  – Adam dies

3000                          NOAH – 500 at birth of Shem, Ham and Japheth,

                                     dies at 950 years

2900               912 – Seth dies

2800                905 – Enosh dies

2700                 910 – Kenan dies

2600                       895 – Mehalalel dies

2500                           962 – Jarad dies

2400                            969 Methuselah dies

                                         777 Lemech dies


                            THE GREAT FLOOD

2300            ——————————————————


Note: All the patriarchs but Adam were still alive when Noah was born!  Oral history would assure that all generations knew Adam and Eve’s story and all the following history ‘word perfect’.  You can go back and check the figures from the Biblical records of dates of birth and death.

We are so used to thinking in life spans of 70 or 90 that to see Adam living until he was 930 years old is an adjustment of our thinking.

I trust this time line helps in growing your faith in the perfect plan of our Creator as it has mine,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author,

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