Hearing God Presents an Amazing Project – the Mulli Childrens’ Family in Kenya Africa

From time to time, we present great Website or Blog we have found. It’s hard to find good news in the Mully icon photoworld today but we want to show you an amazing project happening in Kenya, Africa! Let’s start with some YouTube background on the Mulli Children’s Family in ‘Father to the Fatherless’.


Crossroads Missions has partnered with Mulli Children’s family for eleven years, and now many of you are part of a great God story. Charles Mulli is a former Kenyan street kid turned millionaire, who gave everything away in 1989, and shocked his wealthy family by bringing 3 street kids into their home. Since then, they have rescued over 7000 children and currently offer support to over 2000 more. Children who once were without hope, are excelling in academics, sports and arts and becoming productive leaders in their communities.

Charles and Esther Mulli and the Mulli Children’s Family is a ministry that rescues children from the streets of Kenya. For the past 3 years Kenya has faced a drought that has crippled and continues to cripple the Nation of Kenya where most of the Mulli ministry perates. Mulli Children’s Choir has launched a Canadian wide tour to sing songs of praise and share their story.

Here is another part of their story: A 2014 Interview with Dr Mulli.


Cheryl Weber talks to Charles Mulli about the Mulli Children’s Family Home and the recent flood and devastation they endured in their update ppublished on May 2, 2013.

Catch them on their Facebook Page” Mully Children’s Family | Facebook

Then come on over and see the amazing journey on how they bought their land, build and now run a marvellous work with the orphan children!

Mully Children’s Family (mcf)

For all the Mulli Children’s Family website’s videos.

This is truly an adventure with Jesus as they work with the homeless and the orphans.   I was deeply touched by what a couple can do when they are sold out to the Lord!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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