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Hearing God & How to get the best from this study

people2This study has been written for those who wish a deeper and more vital relationship with the loving Lord Jesus Christ. These 10 ‘R’s’ or 10 Steps are not a magic formula or a superstitious law for immediate growth.  We present this as a procedure to follow for your own walk.

This study is birthed out of over 25 years of counselling experience, ministering to the new Christian as well as to those who have walked a long part of their journey already. While these steps are designed to be followed in order, we do realise the Holy Spirit may lead you into a different order or spend more time on new step and not on another.  However, the aim is a deeper deliverance they you have ever had before!

We also need to emphasise that having a counsellor or one experienced in walking with Jesus as a helper will also be of benefit for you, especially if deep deliverance is needed.  We do have the greatest Counsellor and Helper available, so remember to allow Him to come along side and help in this study.

We also recommend you take each step and think through the material presented. This is not a ‘Quick everyday reading’ and then more on to the rest of your life.  You need to absorb the information as treasures – not only for your head but also for your Heart!  To get the most out of this study, give yourself the gift of time and a quiet space the really think through what we are presenting.  The more you put into this study, the more you will benefit from the Holy Spirit’s deliverance.

Aim to complete it thoroughly. The material can be printed off and studied in your own space and time … but give yourself the time to do it properly.  Remember those who hear and apply the word are blessed rather than be the foolish man who built his house on the sand.  Applying what you are going to learn is important!

May this study be used to help His church, His bride prepare herself for His coming again!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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