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Hearing God and a Story about Susanne

author of this blog - SusanneIn the year 1943, Susan, daughter of Fay and Granddaughter of Frances, was born.  Her early life was marked by moves and several major changes in family life.  She knew no stable, permanent relationship with a father, other than that of Father God.

In the year 1959, Susan accepted her calling as King and High Priest of the Lord.  To begin with, her service to the Lord of Lords, King Jesus, was marked more by worldly peer group activities than love for His service.  Her awareness of the Most High God’s love grew, but she was not dealing with her heart’s inner and secret life.  She was not taught to:

“ …. tear down the high places…”.

One extraordinary day in His service, she was introduced to the Spirit of the Living God – and her life was never the same again.  He touched her heart and her family with zeal and rebirth that carried her through the great changes she faced.  Susan, daughter of the living God, began to take on her responsibility as the ruler over ‘Susanland’. 

She even entered His service for two years further training, in building the kingdom of God.  However, even there they did not teach her to deal with the past issues in Susanland.  Neither did they teach her to “ … pull down the high places …. ”, the secret places within her heart where worship of other things and people took place; the secret desires of her heart were not exposed.

In the year 1967, Susan, daughter of Fay, granddaughter of Frances, furthered her training in the secular courts of her local university.  It was here that she encountered new customs, new thinking and new gods; it was here that her downward slide began.  She became intrigued by the parties, the friends and the new lifestyles around her.  The secret desires of her heart began to surface and she entered a new world.

She began to visit the temples – the party places – and began to take on the lifestyle of her new friends, until one day, she realised that her previous life with the King of Kings felt foreign and strange.  However, this ‘exciting’ path soon led to bondage, servitude and slavery to the new gods and their way of life.  The enemy of her soul lay waiting, to trap her in the generational patterns of her ancestors and of Adam’ race.

Some twelve years later, sometime in 1982, Susan, queen of Susanland, grew tired of the desert.  She began to remember her days in the kingdom of the God of Love, which she had known so long ago.  At the beginning of her journey back to Him, she started with a slow crawl, then walked and after many months, ran back to His kingdom.  She began to deal with her secret, inner heart life.  She began to tear down the high places!

Now, as she follows her Lord and Friend, she is exploring the greatest of all journeys – being remolded and reshaped into the image of Jesus.  Susanland is the happiest and healthiest it has ever been.  However, this is just the beginning of her adventure with Jesus!

I hope you enjoyed this little testimony of my life,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


PS.  You will also find this testimony on www.christianfoundations.jesus-treeoflife.info

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