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He Makes Everything New!

Hi Everyone!   Just a quick story I wanted to share from my Mentor’s Notebook!

Patricia struggled many years from the physical and sexual abuse she experienced as a child.  She had avoided male contact and always felt shame and not being good enough for anyone to love.  Then she sat with the Lord one day and all that changed.

Patricia first saw pieces of unfinished, raw wood lying on the floor.   Some of was cut and other bits were broken and burnt.  At first, she thought she was being discarded until she saw the second picture.

She saw many pieces of crack, broken glass, all different colours and shapes.  Now, as the tears started, she was certain these 2 pictures represented her life.  What was the Lord saying?

Then she saw a hand, taking the pieces of wood and fitting them into a frame, now cleaned, varnished and shiny new.  The next picture was of the frame set into a wall as part of a window, but not just any window!  She saw all the broken pieces of her life as shattered pieces of coloured glass fit into a perfect mosaic of light and colour.

The next picture was of the Lord fitting the frame and the glass into a beautiful stained glass window that many, many people admired.  This was His handiwork from her broken, misdirected life.

Amazing story I just wanted to share with you.  See what can happen when we sit and quietly wait for His word to heal our lives.

God’s blessings to you, Susanne Fengler, Blog editor


(Pictures, story and events have been changed to protect the individual’s identity.)

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