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Guest Post – Mary Did you Know?

At the time of writing this Guest post, we had just celebrated Resurrection Sunday, 2012.  Just as many churches around the world remembered the event when Jesus Christ was crucified and arose from the dead, our celebration centred on the wonder of our Creator’s love for us.  Remember ‘……The Word became flesh and He lived among us……”

This Sunday service was especially meaningful for us as the following reading was presented by a special woman in our congregation, Jinny.  So here is the Poem she wrote and presented to mark our celebration.


‘Mary did you know?

Crying you waited,

Silent, weeping outside the tomb;

The others were bewildered, back to their homes ..

But you waited on.

Where was your Lord?

The tomb was empty, the burial cloths neatly folded,

But he was gone.

Your Lord wasn’t there.


You had sat at His feet, served Him, cared for him, loved Him.

You had seen the miracles, the healings, the joy, the life He released.

When He spoke you came alive inside.

And now He was crucified, dead and gone, the body gone.


Where was He?

The spices in your hand rendered useless, their fragrance mocking your plans ..

……your hopes crushed beyond measure

But you waited on ..


Was it grief that kept you there?

Space to ask and plead and pray?

Or was there a quiet, tenacious tiny flame of faith,

Knowing He was Lord and maybe, just maybe something somehow was possible?

You bent over

And through the tears saw two men in white..

‘Woman why are you crying?’


Why am I crying? Oh how can I explain?

‘They have taken my Lord away and I don’t know where they have put Him.’


Oh the depth of grief and pain,

You turned; turned round,

No inkling of change, no hint of the majesty to be revealed,

You turned in pain.


Ah the gardener, maybe he will know ..


The voice, so gentle, ‘Woman why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?’

Did echoes fill your mind? Did the voice resonate in your heart? 

Or did the spices, tears, despair filter it out?


‘Sir if you have carried Him away, tell me where you have put Him and I will get Him.’

In your grief, so faithful, so focused, His dead body you would bless and honour.


And then it came:

One word, just one word but -oh -filled with life and love:


He called you by name,


It exploded in your heart ..


Hope, joy, recognition, it was that voice, that love,  

His love tumbled through your tears, grabbed your heart and changed your life forever.



Here He was! Your Lord! It was Him!


Risen majesty revealed ………to you!

Was there ever a joy like this? Amazement, disbelief, love, hope,

dreams restored, peace all rolled into one.


And in that moment did you know?

Did you know that all of history hinged on this one day? 

That the angels gasped and clapped with joy?


As your heart exploded with love and disbelief, Mary did you know?


Did you know He was the long awaited Messiah first unveiled to you?

Did you realise He was the Lord of all, the light to the Gentiles, the glory of Israel?


Mary did you know?


Standing there, Eternity’s King revealed to you, the Prince of Peace,

Hope released, Love unconditional, everlasting  …… all wrapped up in The Risen Lord, your Lord


Mary in that moment did you know?”



A special thanks to Jinny for presenting this to our part of the body of Christ!  May you continue to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in your writings.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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