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Good Reasons to Hear from God, part 2

In our last post, we talked about good reasons why we need to hear from God!  We were created with the need for this relationship; we were created to hear from our Creator.   This brings an added reality to our faith when we know He talks with us – personally.  Our Christianity is more than just rules and laws, rituals and conformity.  His relationship with us takes on a whole new level when we really, really know His voice.

Now we continue with a third reason why we need to concentrate on learning to hear from Him: He knows the future!  The Lord is beyond time so He is already out there in my tomorrows.  He knows what is going to happen next month, next year and even 10 years from now.  He knows where our eternity will be – and what we will be doing throughout all eternity!

Since the Lord does know that, it is for my benefit if I connect with Him.  Now only will I be more prepared to face the joys and challenges of tomorrow, but I’ll also know the lessons I need now and for the future.   We only find those lessons of great wisdom in our relationship with Him.  Otherwise, my days are filled with surface things.  We indeed have a great future with Him!

As I looked at the things I am faced with today, I reflect on the lessons of life the Holy Spirit has been teaching me.  Interestly enough, the things I need today were taught in my past reflection moments with the Lord.  He does talk to us about what we need to face all our tomorrows.  He gives us clues and fills our life with the good things to help us through the rough places.

There are times when we hear His guidance in the words of others or events.    Repeated themes help us to hear His still, quiet voice.  Many times, in the middle of the challenge, He gentle reminds us of His lessons from yesterday.  Had I really paid attention to the Great School Master, I would not be facing the mountain today with such uncertainty.

Then there is a fourth big reason why listening to the Lord is essential: for the sake of my family.  For many reading this, there is a sense of responsibility for others – children, friends or even a spouse.  Getting in a better place with the Lord was one of the things that help bring my Daniel to find God.  We don’t live our life is separation from others…and whether you realise it or not, others are watching how you live out your faith …. or fail to live out your faith.

Hearing from the Lord Jesus helps all those family conflicts, questions and doubts.  Hearing from Him means I can trust Him and let Him do the work He needs to do in their life.  I don’t need to ‘be in control’ of their destiny or keep reminding them that they need to ‘keep in with God’.  The Holy Spirit is the One who convicts – not me.  I may try to ‘convince’ or even through in my logic, but that isn’t what they need to hear.  They need to hear wise words because I have been spending time with the wisest One in the whole universe.

So far we have cover four big reasons to learn to hear from our Creator.  Add a comment to this post with other reasons you can think of …. and we will continue this discussion in Part 3.  Have a blessed day!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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