Elizabeth’s Prayer & Hearing God

The following prayer states many of the main principles outlined in the Psychology of Jesus unit.  Try saying this prayer every morning for the next week and see the results in your own life. 

Dear Abba Father God:“I want to recognise and affirm the following facts about Your precious creation, of which I am a part.  You, who are eternal and whose nature is truly love, teach me Your ways.  I am persuaded that I can choose to trust You because You first loved me.

“You have made me in Your image, to live in an eternal relationship with You.  Father, fill me with the knowledge of Your will, with Your spiritual wisdom and understanding.  I will to throw aside every unnecessary weight and sin which so readily clings to and entangles me. 

“Help me run with patient endurance the path You have chosen.  Help me look away from all that will distract me from Jesus, who is the Leader and Source of my faith.  He gave the first incentive for my belief and He is also its Finisher.  He will bring my faith to maturity and perfection.

“Thank you for giving me the mind of Christ, His thoughts, feelings and purposes.  Lord, You are with me when my thoughts get jumbled up.  You’ve sent the Holy Spirit to help me concentrate and stay focused.  Thank You for giving me Your helmet of salvation to protect my thought life.  I choose to cast down imaginations that cause me to feel afraid and angry.  These thoughts are not Your thoughts toward me.  You love me and I will choose to think on good things.

“Lord, Your word says not to worry about anything but to pray and ask for everything I need.  So I choose to do just that.  I need a sound mind and healing from the effects of this life.  So by faith, I will also give thanks when I pray.  You are in total control of my circumstances and everything that goes on within me, all of which I can’t possibly untangle, but nothing is impossible for you. 

“You are my Bondage breaker and my Healer; the One who loves me and wants me to be free indeed.  I choose to trust You.  I throw off the spirit of heaviness and exchange it for a garment of praise.   Help me work together with You, to keep walking persistently along the road of restoration of my spirit, my emotions and my physical well being.

“I know You want me to recognise these facts and step into a loving relationship with You.  As part of Your creation, You want me to also step into Your Godly self-respect and self-worth as a member of the human race and as Your special creation.  I am not a worm!” 


We hope you have been encouraged by this prayer,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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