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Cuppa’ with Susanne – new series in Hearing God

cuppa 16Welcome back everyone!  Have time to stop and have a ‘Cuppa with me?  It’s a warm sunny day here on the eastern Sunshine Coast of Australia.  We’ve taken a break from cold wintery Melbourne    ……. and I’m setting out our next series.

So yes, I begin a new series!  I want to stop and reflect on what it means to be a Christian, a real Jesus Follower.  Sad to say, so many people sit in the church building without a living, dynamic relationship with either their Creator or the Holy Spirit He sent.  Church life for many is more tradition, what’s expected or what they have always thought being a Christian meant.

In this series for a Hearing God Bog, let’s pull apart what the Bible says about being a Jesus follower.  In fact, I plan to trace the steps to actually get to the point of being able to call yourself a ‘Jesus Follower’.

I’ve found TEN basic fundamental steps in our growth in the faith.  To help remember these, I have written out the steps to all start with “R”.   You might even be able to list a few of these steps yourself?    Hhuuummms …….

Yes, we all need to start with ‘repentance’ but would you think there was a very real step before that?  What keeps the majority of people from even looking at the possibility that being a Jesus Followers is the best path?

What is the first blockage someone runs into, maybe even as they begin to seek the light of the truth?  What stops them in their tracks before they even take step one?  Any guesses?  Think about what you had to overcome in order to allow Jesus to even touch your heart.  You may have been standing in a Christian meeting or just reading the Bible somewhere …. and the Holy Spirit touched your spirit and spoke truth.

The Seed falls on many kinds of ground, touches many, many hearts but not everyone yes: “Hhuuummm … susan2maybe there is something to this.”   What do you have to face to just say “yes”?  I’ll give you a hint.  What did Adam and Eve add to the human condition?  Yes, the longing to have the knowledge the snake promised.  See our Blog:  ‘The Bate of Satan’, Essential Reading for Christian Foundations  for post

Then they added: “I can do this my way ….”, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and ….. self-judgement and then, pride and rebellion …. Just as the Enemy of our souls did.  So the first deep is to break down those walls of self-sufficiency and resistance to His way.  Oh, did I mention denial, avoidance, self-justification or having to face all the empty ways we tried to handle or problems?  What did we stuff into all those places where hurt, unforgiveness anger or regret and guilt hid?

As we face the truth of what Jesus offers, we all have to face this first step as well.  How are you doing in dealing with this first step in your own life? With each step I will add a worksheet to help you see where your Heart is and what’s next.  Remember we do all this from our Heart, not just our head.

So welcome and join me for the Ten Steps of Maturity in Christ Jesus!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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