Christian Foundations presents the Book: ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’

 stewardship In the book, ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’, Dr. John R. Frank digs into his yearning for a more wholistic approach to the life of the steward than just asking for or giving money.  Many of those who have seen this as the goal in their life have ended up with a puzzle of stress, too little time, not enough talent – a ‘rubric cube’ in their Christian life.

The course for true stewardship thinking is more deeply set in the book’s opening chapters. A series of short and challenging musings about a wholistic approach to the life of the steward follow.  Each one is designed to provoke individual reflection and group conversation, coming from John’s own struggle to grow in the grace of generosity.

Dr Frank has served as long-time educator in the fields of raising financial support and stewardship education.  His has been a guiding voice for many ministry organizations.  He has witnessed many forms of heroism and pretending when it comes to the life of the steward. With this book, he offers a profoundly sincere way of living generously in response to God’s own generosity to us. Dr.  John Frank is passionate about stewardship. He studies, teaches, and consults on stewardship.  He believes it is the key to a holistic approach to life for individuals and organizations. A nationally and internationally recognized speaker and teacher, John’s expertise includes stewardship, leadership, non-profit organizations, as well as biblical training in various topics. He speaks with churches, ministry leadership, boards, and retreats. His life experience includes ministry in 23 countries, pastor of worship, teaching stewardship in third world countries, evangelistic outreach behind the Iron Curtain, as well as church leadership. He consults with and provides training for many ministries ranging from start-ups to those with $100 million annual budgets. He has authored numerous articles on stewardship, development and leadership. His second book, ‘The Monthly Partner’ was published in 2005. He was also a contributing author to ‘Revolution in Generosity’ as well as having contributed to ‘From Soup & a Sermon to Mega-Mission, A Guide to Financing Rescue Missions’.

We recommend this book, especially if you are serving in an official steward in your church, or want to learn more about what being a steward really means.  For more info, contact Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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