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A Word from the Lord

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A Word from the Lord

Some on reading this post may need to hear from the Lord and His love for you. Please take this as your own ‘Daily Bread’ to grow in your walk with the Lord.

“I have followed the flight of an eagle with My eyes.  I have seen the mighty fish in the sea and they all give Me great pleasure ..… but do you know the greatest of all My creation is the Adam and Eve I created?

“Time has not changed My joy in seeing mankind grow.  However, My heart has been saddened when I know the pleasure I wish to give My people, give to you My child.  My ways are meant to be light, My burden easy.  Religions and rules make the heaviness I wish to lift from My people.

Sunday Cuppa – ‘Seeing the day of your Salvation’ for Christian Foundations

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Recently, St Alfred’s has been running a series on ‘Seek and Save’.  As I listened to both to Jordan Hitchcock and Mike McNamara, I paraphrased and added to my posts to help us better understand the theme ‘From Salves to Sonship’.  What struck my Heart was the theme of recognising the hand of God in the day of trouble.  How often have we recognised His opportunity in the circumstances that we face? 

We’ve passed the slave stage and even the servant mentality in our posts for this blog.  Remember a servant can live in the grandest palace and still be just a servant.  It’s the growing child, the son of the owner that is the heir to all his father’s promises and lands.


9/25 Sunday Cuppa’ Gratitude

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Hello everyone!  Grab a cuppa’ and get comfortable.  Lately I have been thinking about the importance of Gratitude!  So thought I’d drop by today and say hello and have a chat about how important this quality is in our life.

So to begin with, have you ever thought about what you bring to your relationships?  No matter how huge people’s problems are, having a positive attitude will help.  Sometimes, you can be that ray of sunshine in another person’s life.

Any research on the subject of Gratitude shows that this attitude has a tremendous influence on every organ in your body.  That’s a good reason to find out more about how to be grateful and gracious with yourself and others.


What we have to Learn: April-May Sunday Cuppa Review

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Hearing your Creator’s Voice

Amazing … here we are almost in June 2011!  I don’t know about you, but time goes so fast.  So much as happened since I first started this blog!  What I thought we’d do today is share some of those hurdles, milestones and triumphs.

Anyone who has ever started … or continued with  … a blog will want to hear some of this.  I’ve changed themes 3 times now, trying to get the above heading into the right format and the right rest of the layout.  Ha!  Easy … well you’ve got to be somewhat familiar with CSS and HTML and … and … and  … but that’s a learning process.


Cuppa’ with Susanne – A Christian Perspective on the Horrors of 9/11

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In our last Cuppa time together, we talked about the interesting concept of hearing God to give a ‘Birthday Blessings Celebration’.  It was great to see a few comments on this unique way to celebrate our Creator’s choice to have someone born into this world. 

So grab a cuppa’ and let’s see what our time together brings.

I sat in my car the other day – the other very wet rainy, miserable day – with a flat tire/tyre, waiting for the Service van.   As I looked out my rain splattered, blurry window, there was as magnificent rainbow!  …glorious….and it started me thinking.  Was it a good thing I that happened?  No, I was soaked trying to change the tyre/tire, I missed a very important meeting, my friends were worried ….but whoa! The rainbow ….. Glorious!


Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – the 23rd Psalm

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How about kicking off your shoes, grab a cuppa and let’s do something outside our usual posts?  Care to spend a bit of time thinking about something else to your day?

Recently someone sent me a great version of the 23rd Psalm, from Japan.  I’d like to talk this one through with you.  It’s called:  ‘The Lord is My Pace Setter’

‘The Lord is My Pace Setter….I will not rush’

Sometimes it seems there is just so much to do, or so much I could do but don’t have the time….or it’s less of a priority.  However, when we take being a Jesus Follower into our view of time, He will help us set the urgently desperate from the desperately urgent.  He will even slow us down enough to find His Pace.  Care to work at the pace of the Great Creator?

Sunday Cuppa’ with Susanne – Iniquity

Posted by on February 12, 2013 at 2:12 am

Jackie sat fidgeting in her chair, obviously wishing she was anywhere but sitting in the counselling room with me.  She had reluctantly made the appointment and I knew there were deep and painful issues she needed to share. 

After 20 minutes of sidetracking and beating around the bush, she finally let slip one reason for coming to see me: ‘My grandmother died two years ago and, ahhh, I need to find a way to let her go.’ 

Tears come to her eyes and I knew she had stepped across an invisible line to let me into her private world or pain.  …but before I could reflect back to her what I had heard as her need, she quickly changed the subject and put back on her brave face.  Our session closed without her making another appointment but I knew she needed to open that grief and loss box.


Our Second Sunday Cuppa’ with Susanne

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Recently we were honoured to be invited to a “Birthday Blessing Celebration“.  This was a family we have been involved with for many rewarding years of friendship.  So we joined the group for a radant 16 year old’s celebration.  She (we’ll call her Jackie from now on)  had been through an amazing turn-around in her own short life time.  She had ‘stumbled’ through 3 years from depressed, suicidal, rebellious, defiant teen to this person who sat before us now.

——– >  So what’s a Birthday Blessing Celebration?  Keep reading ….


Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – God’s Purpose for Eternity?

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………I just stood there, amazed at the words I thought I had heard from the speaker’s comments! 

“Yes, anything not done for the church or having to do with evangelism will be swept away with the wood, hey and stubble,” he had replied. 

He then went on to quote:  “If any one builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood hay, or straw, their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will test the quality of each one’s work.  If what they have built survives, they will receive their reward.”    1 Corinthians 3:12-13

So, he continued, “Only what is done for the church will be rewarded as all else will be lost.”


Sunday Cuppa’ with Susanne – Purpose of Life

Posted by on July 7, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Recently, we have been working on a series called The Covenants of God’ for the Hearing your Creator’s Voice blog site.  I’ve asked myself why this is so important.

In fact, it was helping to write doing this study as a Correspondence course some years ago that my own faith grew deeper and deeper.

 I realised how much our loving Creator was in control of all of human history from the stories of Adam and Eve through to the final, end eternity awaiting us all.

As I rewrite the course for the series on the Hearing your Creator’s Voice blog, I also realise this isn’t just a story about the beginning of the Jewish and Christian faith….but it is also an example for every human being that has been conceived, is being conceived or will be conceived!  It is a very real challenge for every human being, everywhere!