Series 5 – The Covenants of God


9/13 Common Heart Beliefs and God’s Truth

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Here are some of the common beliefs that our Heart has caught.  Sad to sad, these beliefs influence our emotions and our thinking patterns.  The Answer?  Let the Lord show you the real Truth of what your Heart believes.

The   Emotions:

My   Heart’s Beliefs and Attitudes:

God’s Truth Revealed to   Heart:

1. Depression, worthless, rotten, low,   rejected, melancholy, alone, untrusting, despondent.

“I am no good.  I am all alone and no one   can help me.  There is no one to   protect me.  I cannot trust anyone.  No one rescued or saved me.  Maybe God has forsaken me too.”

“My worth does not depend on my behaviour, my achievements, or my looks.  I am not the victim of my past life’s pains   and mistakes.  God does love me.”

Hearing God’s Covenants and the new King – David

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There are many YouTube videos on the life of King David.  Here is Part 2 out of 15 in the full length movie, staring Richard Geere.  You can go to YouTube and find the rest of the movie when you type in ‘King David – full movie, staring Richard Geere’. 

The Video was presented by TheGroxt on July 14, 2011

I trust this will give you a better idea of the llife and times of the people who chose a New King.  Join us as we continue with this series on the Covenants of Jehovah.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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Time Line – from 445 BC to the end of time

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As we continue out Time Line series, we can now add 445 BC, ‘the Silent Years’ between the Old and New Testaments until the end of time as we know it.  So far, we have given you the Time Line of Adam to Noah.  Then we finished the Time Line of Noah to Abraham.  From there, we went from Abraham to Jesus’ birth

Now we continue from Jesus’ birth and establishing His kingdom to the end of time with the rule of the Antichrist and the end of the ages.  After this, comes 1000 years of peace under Jesus’ rule, the Unbeliever’s Judgements and the ending of all time as humans know it.  Eternity marks a new space in God and Human’s history!


Benny Hinn & David Pawson on the Covenants – YouTube

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In this post on Hearing God, I am presenting two interesting approaching to our topic.  In searching for more teaching info, I found many YouTube Introductions to the Covenants of Jehovah.  I have included two from the list you might gain more insight about the Covenants.

1.  Benny Hinn explains 7 major Covenants.

2.  David Pawson presents a 15 part teaching on the Covenants.

I have included them both as a way of sharing more insights on why God made covenants with humans and what is our response to His message today. 

Enjoy, Susanne Fengler


This is the teaching from:  Benny Hinn – 7 Biblical Covenants in the Bible, Made & Sealed!


This second YouTube is: Biblical covenants, by David Pawson, Part 1 of 15


YouTube – A Humorous look at Noah and the Ark – Bill Crosby

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Here is a humours look at what might have transpired between God and Noah, through the words of Bill Crosby.  I am sure Noah was glad that God brought the animals to him … rather than to go and collect them.  Enjoy!

Bill Cosby – Noah called to build the Ark

We have discussed the covenants made between the Creator and Adam, and then with Adam and Eve after their rebellion.  How sad it was to the Creator of life to see the whole known world filled with violence and wickedness, Genesis 6:1-13.  Remember back then, there was mainly one land mass, filled with the generations of Cain, all exceeding each other in their rebellion of the laws of Jehovah.  From the timeline, we see the generations of Seth were also in the land.  Through Enoch, Methuselah and Lemech, the Creator found one man – Noah.


YouTube – Jericho Unearthed Bible Proof for Creator’s Truth

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It is still interesting when Science confirms the record we find in the Bible.  Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of the Bible story of Jericho, Joshua, chapter 6. 

Enjoy this short YouTube video on their findings, presented by mikehouli on September 2, 2011!


Again, we can place our faith and trust in the amazing collection of books we call the Bible!

Join us for our next post,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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How do I Start Hearing God’s Voice?

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Our Guest Post:  Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

By Dr. Mark Virkler

President of the Christian Leadership University  (Used with Permission)

The age in which we live is so married  to rationalism and cognitive, analytical thought that we almost mock when we hear of anyone actually claiming to be able to hear the voice of God.

However, we do not scoff, for several reasons.  First, men and women throughout the Bible heard God’s voice.  Also there are some highly effective and reputable men and women of Gog alive today who demonstrate that they hear God’s voice.  Finally, there is a deep hunger within us all to commune with God and hear Him speak within our heart.


Hearing God – The Garden of My Heart

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I wrote this poem way back in 1996.

It is a testimony of what the Lord has done in my own life.  Enjoy!

 The Garden of My Heart
My heart was like an overgrown garden,
When my Jesus rescued me.
Overgrown with thorns and briers,
Not a pleasure for my God to see.
My walls were strong and tall,
Shielding my weakness from view.
The extent of weeds, thorns and creepers,
No one but He really knew.
He became for me the Door to the Father,
The creaking, rusted pane He replaced.
Like the returning prodigal son I came,
The steps of that journey retraced.
The soil, once designed for God’s purity,
Now clogged with weeds had grown.
Vines and trees, rampant and wild,
A harvest for all the bad seed I’d sown.
“Not by your mighty effort,” He then told me,
“Can you make this garden bloom.”
But rest in the Master Gardener,
will soon replace the gloom.
So the hours of digging and pushing,
Of pruning, planting and growth,
Became such a glorious reality!
My garden is still growing and blooming with the love of the Lord!  Susanne Fengler, Blog Author
PS.  You will also find this poem on 
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8/15 One Interesting comment on the series & Sources

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The following was an interesting comment on the Covenants of God.  As we get the truth from our head down into our heart, our life will be changed.  Here is one view:

“I totally agree on your comments. I am beginning to understand and know what that authority in Christ means. I am amazed at how Christians, including me, have not taped into what we were created to be.

“We are made in the image of God. Wow! There is so much that comes with that. We can barely understand how and what we are. The key is our obedience and Faith in Christ. We need to learn to listen and act on our calling or His need and or request.


YouTube Video – What Will We Do In Heaven?

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Recently, I reviewed quite a few YouTube videos to help bring the message about our Creator and His love for us.  This video by NT Wright picked up the theme we were covering on the Covenants of God, especially what will be be doing in Heaven.

His introduction to the topic:

“It’s not entirely clear. But one thing is clear. And that is that those who belong to Jesus Christ in the present will actually, and I hesitate to say this because it sounds arrogant or idealist,, but it’s what the New Testament says, Those who belong to Jesus Christ will be running the new Heavens and earth…….”



8/12 A Review of Hearing God and His Covenants made with Individuals

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 It always helps to do a review of the series of this length.  It is so important to think through the summary so you can apply more of the information to your own life.  For me, studying and writing this series has build my own faith as I can see an over-all plan by our Creator.  The Plan has always been for restoration and for our good.  Join me as I review the important points for each covenant.

A.  Some Covenants were fulfilled no matter how Israel responded to Jehovah.

1.  The Old and New Testament speak of eight major Covenants.

Three of these covenants – ones made with Abraham, the Promised Land agreement and the Covenant with David – were unconditional in nature.  That meant, regardless of the nation’s obedience or disobedience, Jehovah would still fulfil His promises.

8/11 What can we learn from Hearing God and His Covenants?

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 A.  In studying the Old and New Testament Covenants God has given to individual people, we can learn many important truths about the invisible God we worship:

1.  The covenants give us a progressive, intimate revelation of God’s nature and character through His dealings with mankind. We can see how this revelation is important for us today to know His nature and character.

2.  We can gain an overview of the history of Israel, their failures and successes.

3.  We can see the results when Israel broke the covenant relationships….and how that applies when we break with our Covenant with the Lord Jesus.  There were and still are consequences to turning our back on His conviction power.


8/10 Other Parts to the Eternal Covenant in Hearing God

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As we wrap up a series on the Covenants of God, we continue with the Sacrifice, the Seal, the oath and the Place that this final agreement exists.

A.  The Sacrifice to Ratify the Agreement

Since no one from Adam’s race was perfect and sinless enough to redeem us, the Word became flesh, John 1:1-3, 14-18.  The Word was born into this world as a helpless baby.  He came at a time when Rome ruled His country, one of the cruelest dictator governments ever.

Jesus of Nazareth accomplished the Final Sacrifice by His perfect life, His actual physical death and then by His resurrection.  As the seed of the woman, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and a descendant from David’s line, Jesus offered His sinless body to complete the Final Sacrifice.


8/9 The Consequences that go with the Eight Covenant

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  Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion to the Creator’s plans, they brought disastrous consequences on the whole human race.  Death entered along with continued rebellion, sin and self-centred actions. 

  God’s ‘image bearers’ were now scared and not capable of earning their way to His peace.  Those who would not accept His way into life would face eternal conscious separation from Him, Matthew 25:41.  The fallen creation was also hostile to their domination. 

A.  The curses of all the past covenants find their completion in this covenant as well. 

This greatest of all curses is known as ‘the second death’ for those who have turned their backs on God, Revelations 2:11, 20:13-15, 21:8.  As a result of turning their back to the sacrifice of Jesus and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, these people will find:


8/8 Heaven will be Beyond this present Physical Space, Time and Place

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Asking where heaven exists is a little like asking where the center of the universe is. In fact, the universe doesn’t have a center, since everything is moving away from every other thing. The Bible indicates that heaven does not exist in this universe, but is God’s abode.

Here are some very interesting points about Heaven, adapted from the website: ‘Evidence for God’

In fact, the Bible indicates that even the highest heavens (of this universe) cannot contain God.21 Since we human beings are restricted to the space time dimensions of this universe, we can never go in a spaceship and find heaven, since it is not any place to which we can travel.

A.  We will live in a Physical and Spiritual Perfect Place