Series 2 – Personal Spiritual Warfare

Hearing God in Psalms 139

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Sometimes the topic of Personal Spiritual warfare can be quite heavy to digest.  When that seems to be what your heart is say, if helps to take a few steps aside and find the comfort and peace that only the Scriptures can offer.  Here is one of my favourite passages in Psalms 139, from the transliteration by Eugene H. Peterson in ‘The Message’.

“God, investigate my life and get all the facts firsthand.   I’m an open book to You.  Even from a distance, You know what I’m thinking.  You know when I leave and when I get back.  I’m never out of Your sight.  You know everything I’m going to say before I start the first sentence.  I look behind me and You’re there, then up ahead and You’re there too – Your reassuring presence, coming and going This is too much, too wonderful.  I can’t take i all in!


Series #2 Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing from God

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So far in our time together, we have covered the big topic: “Why Can’t I hear from the Lord”.  We look at 7 major reasons why some people find it hard to Hear from God.   Remember what they were?

     Wrong teaching and lack of expecting God to talk today was first.  Second, faulty views about the nature of God; who want to hear from a grumpy old Man?  Third, our life is so full of other things we don’t take the time to listen for His still, small voice. 


YouTube on Spiritual Warfare

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There are many YouTube videos on Spiritual Warfare so be careful what you select to watch.  This was inspiring and Bible based!      Uploaded by dadgramps on Apr 5, 2008  “I am a soldier in the army of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commander!”       Enjoy, Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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2f. Our Spiritual Authority and Hearing God

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If you were with Jesus when He was here on Earth, there would be no doubt something was different about Him.  Sure, He related to the common people more, which made the religious leaders jealous.  However, what really set Him apart from all the other religious teachers was the authority He used and the reactions from the realm of the demonic.  Satan’s forces had no doubts about His power over them.  He was sent to destroy the works of the enemy and that He did just be being who He was.

Some might wonder why that ‘power’ is not more evident in our world today.  I deeply believe that if the body of Christ really knew and practiced their authority and ‘power’ in Christ today, we would have a vastly different universe.  Let me tell you the story of Alice Greyson.


2e Guest Post Maintaining your Deliverance

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Recently I attended an evening meeting where ‘Maintaining Your Deliverance’ was presented as a topic.  I asked the guest speaker to write a Guest post for us.  So, may I present a Guest Post for our series Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing God!


 Many Christians go through a ‘deliverance experience’ and then wonder what they can do next to keep their heart close to the Lord.  Sometimes, Christians even let the same old thoughts back into their world and as a result, the enemy gains another foothold in their lives.  They might even think: “Well that didn’t work!” and return to their old patterns.  Thus the enemy has won that battle.

#2d. Personal Worksheet – The Wounds we Still Carry

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The aim of this worksheet is to rate your own knowledge about some symptoms of bondages in your own life and your ability to handle life’s issues.  Rate yourself on a scale of 1 — > “I have very little of this in my life.” ….. to 5 — > “I have a great deal of trouble this area.”  Be aware that it is your measuring stick you are using on yourself and not necessarily how others might see you.

#2c Understanding Satan’s Footholds in Personal Spiritual Warfare

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So far in this series on Personal Spiritual Warfare, we have looked at what the term actually means and how we are expected to respond in this battle between good and evil, light and darkness.  In this post, we will continue with our theme by looking at what the Christian means when they talk about Satan’s Footholds in our lives.

This topic is essential for all those learning and practicing Prayer Ministry.  What do we mean by footholds, what are the signs of footholds, how do the footholds get there and how can we pray to help people recognise the footholds they already have in their life?

A.  What do we mean by Satan’s ‘Footholds’?

“In your anger, do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold…..” Ephesians 4:26-27.


#2b Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing our Creator

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 We have been working on a series called ‘Personal Spiritual Warfare’.  In our last post, we talked about the battle between light and darkness, between good and evil.  Yes, this battle is in the unseen world, the world of the supernatural. 

We discussed the perfect creation, the fall of the angelic beings and the results on Adam and Eve.  We emphasised that even before this all began, the Creator had a plan – the Greatest Rescue story ever told!  We saw how it was then very important that the individual Jesus Follower understand the weapons we are told to use in this battle.  ….because we are at war and you really do live on a battlefield!