Series 1 – Beginnings in learning to hear from God


#5 …. But I can’t make the Jump

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In our first series, we have been exploring the reasons why some people have trouble hearing from God.  First, we found so far: not knowing they can or wrong theology.  Next, we talked about how some people have a fear of hearing from God because inside, they think God must be like their earthly father – distant, abusive, insensitive.

The third big reason people have touble hearing their Creator is their life is filled with so many other things, idolatry is happening.  Then we opened the discussion about involvement in the occult will stop us hearing Him.  We even had two ebooks as resources for you to explore this topic further.  Check into our Resources category for a ‘Spiritual Housecleaning” worksheet to help too.


#3. So Why Can’t I hear the Lord?

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So why can’t I hear the Lord?  The 3rd Reason – “Your life is filled with other things”

In our last two posts, we looked at what stops people from wanting to hear God’s voice.  The first reason was misguided beliefs; “our Creator doesn’t talk to us anymore since the last apostles”.  With others, it is just plain ignorance that it is possible He does and wants to talk to us.  It doesn’t occur to some people that He wants a real relationship with them!


What are the Ways that God Talks to us?

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As we read through stories and follow the Bible accounts, here are the main ways that God talks to us:

1. The PEACE of the Holy Spirit, the inner witness or calmness that comes with a right decision.  Tranquillity, a rest and an inner contentment:  Romans 8:16, I John 5:10, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 John 3:24, 4:13, Galatians 4:6.

2. HIS CREATION – in the design of “nature”, the perfection of the physical world, the perfection of God’s laws and the steadfastness of His principles:  Romans 1:19-20, Nehemiah 9:6, Acts 14:15-17, Psalms 19:1, 97:6

3.  The CONSCIENCE – Inbuilt values or principles every society lives by, whether that society believes in God or not:  John 16:8-9; Romans 2:15, Acts 17:26-28, Hebrews 9:14.

#2d. Recognising Bondages in Personal Spiritual Warfare

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As we continue our series on Personal Spiritual Warfare, our next post is on ‘So how do I know if I have Bondages?’  We have set the background of our series by first describing how a loving Creator designs and spoke into being the universe and the unseen spiritual realm with angelic beings.  Next creation included the Earth and a perfect paradise with humans called Adam and Eve.

Because of the rebellion and warfare in the angelic realm, deception entered the Earth, Eve was seduced by the snake in the Garden of Eden and Adam followed.  Becoming the first ‘wimp’, Adam did not stand up to temptation for himself or for the woman he was given.  We than when onto taking about how the whole Earth and all humankind has been infected since then, some 7,000 years later.  (Notice I’m not using billions of years later!  We’ll talk about this when we go onto Challenge to the Christian Faith in our other blog: )


More Good Reasons to Hear from God, Part 3

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We have been looking at the valid and helpful reasons for hearing God in this our second series.  We have discussed how conversations with our Creator bring a reality to our faith because we were created to have this kind of relationship to be a ‘Jesus Follower’.  Then we looked at how finding our inspiration and belief system based around His love we can face the challenges of tomorrow.  Then, we can bring help to our family when we have our life on track with the hope and cleansing He inspires.


Good Reasons to Hear from God, part 2

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In our last post, we talked about good reasons why we need to hear from God!  We were created with the need for this relationship; we were created to hear from our Creator.   This brings an added reality to our faith when we know He talks with us – personally.  Our Christianity is more than just rules and laws, rituals and conformity.  His relationship with us takes on a whole new level when we really, really know His voice.

Now we continue with a third reason why we need to concentrate on learning to hear from Him: He knows the future!  The Lord is beyond time so He is already out there in my tomorrows.  He knows what is going to happen next month, next year and even 10 years from now.  He knows where our eternity will be – and what we will be doing throughout all eternity!

#2 If He talks, why can’t I hear Him?

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We began this series with the question of: Does our Creator God talk to us today … and our conclusion was… ?  Despite some religious doctrines that say He stopped speaking somewhere in history, maybe around AD53 when the last Apostles died, we believe He can and certainly wants to!

We have even had a special Guest post that looked at John 16:12-15.  We saw that Jesus Said He would send the Holy Spirit to ‘TELL them’,“point the way”, “announcing future events in detail”and “ANNOUNCE in detail”.  Jesus Himself received all that He had from the Father, who gave Him everything.  Then the Holy Spirit would take from that storehouse and declare it to us today.  This whole passage is in ‘present tense’ meaning the Holy Spirit is saying this to us today.


#1. The Creator Does not Talk to us Today

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Series #1:  Beginnings in Hearing from God

In entering the field of Spiritual Mentoring, we run across many church doctrines, historical teachings and some outright dangerous beliefs.  Recently a dear person came with a book from her pastor.  The basic premise was that “God doesn’t talk to us personally anymore as He has given us the Bible.  All His words are to found here and no other revelation or interpretation is to be used.  He has written everything He needed to say in the Bible.”

Well, I am not sure which group this book belong in but it was certainly stunting this person’s walk in knowing the Living Jesus.

Personal Exercises – Where is your Holy Spirit Space?

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The purpose of this exercise is to help you to be more aware of God’s presence in your world.  Collect 2 pieces of paper and 4 drawing pens or textas,  of the colours you like.  It is important that you have a sense of privacy where you are.

Follow the steps as listed to find your ‘Holy Spirit Space’ and what He is saying to you.  We are inviting the Lord to talk to you about your heart and where He sees you on your journey.  We list the process so when you are ready, begin and LISTEN to hear His voice.  Take your time and work slowly through this exercise.

1.  First, concentrate on what’s happening around your physical body.


Hello and Welcome to our Blog on Hearing from your Creator!

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Hello and welcome to our Blog on Learning to Hear from Your Creator!

BEFORE YOU START…. Please notice we have added a new PAGE listing all the Posts! 

We write this blog to all those who have yet to begin to see that their Creator has a Voice and that this almighty Being want to talk to us!  The Creator of the Universe wants a relationship with YOU!

We want to start with the Beginnings – How to listen and hear Him.  Is it possible?  What stops us from Hearing?  How can I get passed these blocks?  Is it His job to make us listen if He wants to talk to us?  What ways is He talking –  if He is talking?  All these questions and more will be discussed in this Blog on Hearing God’s Voice!