Series 3: 10 R’s of Christianity


10/3 To those who trade Self and Pride for Hearing God

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yellow roseWe continue with the first ‘R’ in our series of ‘The 10 R’s of Maturity in Jesus’Relinquish.  In our last few posts, we looked at what the word meant and how some people have trouble taking this first ‘R’, the first step to Jesus.

The second group of people we talked about in our earlier post on ‘Relinquish’ were those who would lay aside self-centred things that would block them from finding Truth. This group will look past their pride, their avoidance, fear of God’s justice and judgement and said “Yes” to the Holy Spirit.  Here begins a different journey for their walk with Jesus. As we have stated in our last post, there is a very large majority of people who chose not to ‘Relinquish’ their life, their lifestyle or their pleasures to respond to the Good News of the Gospel.


10/30 Learn to Renew your Spiritual walk in Hearing God

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Sometimes, it is hard to remember that we live in a spiritual world that shows itself in the physical world. chains2This is very true when it come to this step in learning to be a mature Jesus follower.

Ephesians 4:24 puts it this way:

“…22 that, in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit, 23 and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, 24 and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.…”

Tired of Walking into Walls in your Personal Growth?

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Walking into Walls bestI have a new book recommended! I’ve added it to my blogs so you can see what others are reading too!

Have you ever heard yourself say: “As hard as I try, life never turns out like I hoped”. “Why is it that everyone has better friends than I do?” “I would be so happy if it weren’t for him (or her).” “No one can know my secret; I’ve got to deal with it on my own.” “I’ve messed up so badly, God will never forgive me.”

Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

Along the lines of ‘Co-dependent no more’, ‘Walking into Walls’ helps you see the walls that stop growth and relationships. We think we protect ourselves but must disable stuff within. Best-selling author, radio host, and counsellor Stephen Arterburn identifies five prison walls, or blind spots, that will hold you captive and block the amazing things God wants to do in your life,


10/22 Resist by doing things God’s Way

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 As we have seen in our last post, to Resist may be to find the key to the problem that  Jackson inner healingdrives us into repeating the issues again. We are designed to walk in freedom as Jesus Followers – but what does this mean? Whenever we lost our peace, we are facing a spiritual battle first.

Probably one of the largest and most unseen battles is around our anger, resentment and feelings when someone hurts us. Being human, I am sure this is something you, my reader, have faced as well. When we are hurt, wrongly accused or unjustly treated, our Heart can take an ‘offense’.

Again this in one of the most common battles we all face. How do we handle it God’s way? How do we Resist as He would have us Resist?


10/4 Refusing to Relinquish our life to Hear God

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 Jackson inner healingWe continue with one more post examining those who refuse to look at the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus for whatever reason. We suggested several possible reasons in our last post as to why people are not willing to ‘Relinquish’ their self-system, their self-sufficient way of life.  We could add those who have such a self focus, no other way of living seems possible.  It is this group that could benefit from Jesus’ Good News!  We know the Lord never turns His back on these He died for but gently continues to call them. 

Others may cry out that any religion is an escape from reality. Not so.  In fact it is the group who cling to their self-defences that may deny reality.  Filling that God-empty space inside with anything else but God is not facing reality.

10/31 Hear God to Renew your Thinking by seeing the Opposites

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In our last post, we stressed the importance of choosing to fill those emnpty places in your thinking and behaviour with phonepositive truths, to see yourself the way He does.

Another way of doing this is to go back to your list and write out the opposite of the things you set before Him. Here are some examples:

Sin Area: Opposite Attitude:

Pride – Humility

Rejection – Self Acceptance

Lust – Purity

Anger – Gentleness

Go through your list and ask the Holy Spirit to give you =the inspiration to see what NEW is needed to replace the OLD.


10/9 Determination to face and ‘Relinquish’ in Hearing God

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So we now continue to look at those who chose to let go their pride, denial and self-sufficient philosophies to girl at sunsetaccept this one called Jesus of Nazareth.   This is really the beginning of the journey as no one – accept Jesus Himself – fully relinquishes everything, all at once.  It’s taking one step at a time, in response to the Great Counsellor, the conviction of the Holy Spirit; that’s how healing happens.  Again it’s the Law of sowing and reaping.

So what sorts of things does the Lord God ask for? 

“Jackie sat fidgeting in her chair, obviously wishing she was anywhere but sitting in the counselling room with me.  She had reluctantly made the appointment and I knew there were deep and painful issues she needed to share.

10/20 Hearing God and the next step in Growth: Resist

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We have just finished the third step of growth in your Christian walk – to Repent. We also woman with ipadincluded a great book called ‘Surrender’. How do these two concepts fit together? Stay with us as we journey into our next step, that of ‘Resist’.

However, before we head in that direction, let’s do a quick review to keep everyone with us. We are looking at the 10 main steps in your walk with the Lord toward freedom. So far, we have set out the importance of learning to ‘Relinquish’, especially the ways the world looks at resolving problems and settling problems.

We faced the need to ‘Recognize’ and do things God’s way rather than our own and then onto seeing what the word ‘Repent’ really means. Here is the list again:

10/38 Ending one series and going onto Spiritual Gifts in Hearing God

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….and we come to an end of this series. Freedom and Liberty in our faith is the greatest gift we can find in this world!jesus

We have outlined 10 steps to find this freedom. Now we need to practice what you have learned. Remember Jesus’ parable about building the house on the rock.  Building sure and strong comes from actually practicing the truth that we have learned,

The House on the Rock
46” Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? 47” Everyone who comes to Me and hears My words and acts on them, I will show you whom he is like: 48 he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation on the rock; and when a flood occurred, the torrent burst against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.…


10/33 Hearing God helps you Reclaim back the life He wanted for you

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 We were designed to walk and talk with our Creator. Satan tricked Eve and then Adam chose to give away that right. man on phoneIt’s your place now to regain that right by accepting what Jesus has done for you. Sin and wrong thinking has robbed you of the relationships, minstry, maturity and health God wants for you.

Do you believe this enough to really aim to follow Him to Reclaim back what belongs to you now that you are in Christ Jesus? We can’t turn back the clock and relive your life the way it would have been best for you but now, in walking with Jesus we can Reclaim form this time onward what He wants for you.

10/10 To Recognise the Truth is Essential in Hearing God!

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We now move deeper into ‘ Relinquish’ with the second in our ‘R’s of Maturity in Jesus’. Any guess what that might be? We next need to ‘Recognize’, to able to hear and to see what the Holy Spirit is asking of us. It is here we pause and let Him examine the inner, hidden parts of the Heart that only He can see. He deals with past involvements with the enemy and with learning to protect that precious Heart.

For all of us, this is an ongoing process we come back to when ever the Holy convicts of anything. Then we need to move into learning how to do this, how to walk closer to Him. As one person said: “We need to learn to sit with Him before we can stand with Him. Then we can learn to walk with Him”.


10/25 Idols in your Heart may block growth in Hearing God

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heart5However it is not just people who can influence us or block our ability to Resist the enemy of our Soul. Sometimes, we can look to ‘things’ to influence or avoid the issues we need to face. These can be called ‘IDOLS’.

Most Christians would say and idol is anything that replaces the hole in our Heart made for our Creator. It is something that we pay more attention to than we do to Jesus. Using that definition, we can see an Idol can be things, people, events or even what is called ‘Heart vows’. These are statements we make such as “I’ll never go near that horrible person again.” …or “I will never forgive that person.” …or “I’ll never trust him again!”


10/2 Hearing God’s 1st ‘R’ in Maturity in Jesus

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prayer1We begin to look at the 10 ‘R’s’ of maturity in Christ Jesus with the word: “Relinquish”. Now I must say, that seems a strange place to start.  Others have suggested maybe to start with Repent or even to Resist … but no, we shall start with this word first.

The key to why this word is first is found in the meaning of the word: ‘Relinquish’.

According to the Collins Concise Dictionary, this word means ” ….to give up a struggle, to surrender, renounce, or to get go of something you have held to…”,

10/34 Reinforce is the 8th step in Maturity in Hearing God

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girl at computerBy this point in your journey, many places in your life have been cleansed and restored. Healing and self-forgiveness has been faced. Hopefully there have even been times when you and the Lord needed to talk with someone about the past hurts.

At this is part of the journey of His redemption, it would be helpful to others to share your journey. Others around you also need to know of His healing power; they need to know there is hope in the world.

Sharing your journey takes wisdom though. Not everyone can or will accept what you say. Some may be offended or take on a false sense of blame. This is not your intention when sharing your testimony. Your aim to to bring glory to God.

10/23 So what are we Resisting in Hearing God?

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teen6We are continuing to look at the 10 essential steps in maturity as we follow Jesus!

 The main aim for this step in your growth as a Jesus Follower and haring God is to add your strength and will power to remove whatever is in your Heart that feeds the problem. This means being that partner with the Holy Spirit, to follow Him in the ‘ahaaa’ that comes with conviction – not condemnation!

Rather than just ‘grit your teeth and endure’, we need to see what is at the bottom of the issues we face. Sometimes this means a spiritual journey but sometimes it may mean seeing what is at the ‘heart’ of a physical problem.