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10/9 Determination to face and ‘Relinquish’ in Hearing God

February 24, 2015

So we now continue to look at those who chose to let go their pride, denial and self-sufficient philosophies to girl at sunsetaccept this one called Jesus of Nazareth.   This is really the beginning of the journey as no one – accept Jesus Himself – fully relinquishes everything, all at once.  It’s taking one step at a time, in response to the Great Counsellor, the conviction of the Holy Spirit; that’s how healing happens.  Again it’s the Law of sowing and reaping.

So what sorts of things does the Lord God ask for? 

“Jackie sat fidgeting in her chair, obviously wishing she was anywhere but sitting in the counselling room with me.  She had reluctantly made the appointment and I knew there were deep and painful issues she needed to share.

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10/32 Life’s Strategies in Forgiveness and Hearing God

December 1, 2015

FB Life StratiesThe person you most need to stand up to in this world is you. In the war called “life”, most of the decisive battles are fought within you.   Once you learn ‘the rules of the game’, we can learn to get what we need and want. Learn how to plan the game and you will be amazed at the difference in your own life.  

The following are a brief summary of the 9 ‘Life Laws’ or basic rules that govern our universe and human behaviour from the book by Dr. Philip C. McGraw called Life Strategies.

Life Law #1 – “You must get real with yourself!”


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10/17 Accepting God’s Forgiveness is part of growth in Jesus

July 7, 2015

We spend one more post on the topic of receiving His forgiveness in learning to hear FeatherPenfrom God.  In counselling and mentoring, we have seen many people who just cannot accept that God can and will forgive them.  It’s like their Heart or their Conscience, or Mind believe their ‘sin’ is so bad, no one, especially God, can forgive them.

Sometimes the ‘sin’ is really is a big disaster, other times their ‘sin’ might seem rather small by other’s view.  However, we work with what the person believes – large or small.

When this belief stops a person receiving God’s forgiveness, it probably comes from one of many sources:

  1. They have judged themselves so harshly, nothing can remove their fatal ‘mistake’.


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Hearing God & How to get the best from this study

October 12, 2014service

people2This study has been written for those who wish a deeper and more vital relationship with the loving Lord Jesus Christ. These 10 ‘R’s’ or 10 Steps are not a magic formula or a superstitious law for immediate growth.  We present this as a procedure to follow for your own walk.

This study is birthed out of over 25 years of counselling experience, ministering to the new Christian as well as to those who have walked a long part of their journey already. While these steps are designed to be followed in order, we do realise the Holy Spirit may lead you into a different order or spend more time on new step and not on another.  However, the aim is a deeper deliverance they you have ever had before!


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10/24b Then comes Forgiving Yourself in Hearing God

October 22, 2015copyright

phoneAccepting God’s forgiveness as a way of dealing with the past behaviour or any sin He convicts you about is one step closer to receiving Freedom.  However another pothole many people fall into is … forgiving themselves.

This step is connected to allowing God’s love and His grace into your Heart.  Of course your Head knows He forgives us but then, can we forgive the person who did the wrong -the person who was you.

Again, at the bottom of self-forgiveness is some of the same reasons why we have trouble accepting God’s forgiveness.  Self-judgement, feeling trapped into whatever behaviour led to the sin, not seeing a way out of the situation – all contribute to doing what we did.  However the biggest reason for not forgiving ourselves is pride.  That old song “I did it my way…” echoes through the human race again and again.


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10/33 Hearing God helps you Reclaim back the life He wanted for you

December 7, 2015api

 We were designed to walk and talk with our Creator. Satan tricked Eve and then Adam chose to give away that right. man on phoneIt’s your place now to regain that right by accepting what Jesus has done for you. Sin and wrong thinking has robbed you of the relationships, minstry, maturity and health God wants for you.

Do you believe this enough to really aim to follow Him to Reclaim back what belongs to you now that you are in Christ Jesus? We can’t turn back the clock and relive your life the way it would have been best for you but now, in walking with Jesus we can Reclaim form this time onward what He wants for you.

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Our amazing Creator God!

July 29, 2015notice

Some sent us an amazing email the other day.  Thought aus3I would share it here!

When GOD solves our problems, we have faith in HIS abilities.  When GOD doesn’t solve our problems HE has faith in our abilities.

God’s accuracy may be observed in the hatching of eggs. . . . .        

-those of the canary in 14 days; -those of the barnyard hen in 21 days; -eggs of ducks and geese in 28 days; -those of the mallard in 35 days;

-The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days. (Notice, they are all divisible by seven, the number of days in a week!)                                                      

God’s wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant. . . .

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Hearing God presents: ‘Walking into Walls’

October 18, 2014

Book: Walking into Walls I have a new book recommended! I’ve added it to my blogs so you can see what others are reading too!

Have you ever heard yourself say: “As hard as I try, life never turns out like I hoped”. “Why is it that everyone has better friends than I do?” “I would be so happy if it weren’t for him (or her).” “No one can know my secret; I’ve got to deal with it on my own.” “I’ve messed up so badly, God will never forgive me.”

Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

Along the lines of ‘Co-dependent no more’, ‘Walking into Walls’ helps you see the walls that stop growth and relationships. We think we protect ourselves but must disable stuff within. Best-selling author, radio host, and counsellor Stephen Arterburn identifies five prison walls, or blind spots, that will hold you captive and block the amazing things God wants to do in your life,



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10/25 Idols in your Heart may block growth in Hearing God

November 1, 2015

heart5However it is not just people who can influence us or block our ability to Resist the enemy of our Soul. Sometimes, we can look to ‘things’ to influence or avoid the issues we need to face. These can be called ‘IDOLS’.

Most Christians would say and idol is anything that replaces the hole in our Heart made for our Creator. It is something that we pay more attention to than we do to Jesus. Using that definition, we can see an Idol can be things, people, events or even what is called ‘Heart vows’. These are statements we make such as “I’ll never go near that horrible person again.” …or “I will never forgive that person.” …or “I’ll never trust him again!”


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10/10 To Recognise the Truth is Essential in Hearing God!

March 14, 2015

We now move deeper into ‘ Relinquish’ with the second in our ‘R’s of Maturity in Jesus’. Any guess what that might be? We next need to ‘Recognize’, to able to hear and to see what the Holy Spirit is asking of us. It is here we pause and let Him examine the inner, hidden parts of the Heart that only He can see. He deals with past involvements with the enemy and with learning to protect that precious Heart.

For all of us, this is an ongoing process we come back to when ever the Holy convicts of anything. Then we need to move into learning how to do this, how to walk closer to Him. As one person said: “We need to learn to sit with Him before we can stand with Him. Then we can learn to walk with Him”.

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10/34 Reinforce is the 8th step in Maturity in Hearing God

December 17, 2015

girl at computerBy this point in your journey, many places in your life have been cleansed and restored. Healing and self-forgiveness has been faced. Hopefully there have even been times when you and the Lord needed to talk with someone about the past hurts.

At this is part of the journey of His redemption, it would be helpful to others to share your journey. Others around you also need to know of His healing power; they need to know there is hope in the world.

Sharing your journey takes wisdom though. Not everyone can or will accept what you say. Some may be offended or take on a false sense of blame. This is not your intention when sharing your testimony. Your aim to to bring glory to God.

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Christian Foundations presents the Book: ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’

August 9, 2015faq

 stewardship In the book, ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’, Dr. John R. Frank digs into his yearning for a more wholistic approach to the life of the steward than just asking for or giving money.  Many of those who have seen this as the goal in their life have ended up with a puzzle of stress, too little time, not enough talent – a ‘rubric cube’ in their Christian life.

The course for true stewardship thinking is more deeply set in the book’s opening chapters. A series of short and challenging musings about a wholistic approach to the life of the steward follow.  Each one is designed to provoke individual reflection and group conversation, coming from John’s own struggle to grow in the grace of generosity.

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Hearing God presents A Girl’s Gift: Painting with Jesus

October 23, 2014about

 We have all been amazed with the story of Akiane Kramarik and her amazing paintings. Here is another witness of the Akaine's bookgifts of the Holy Spirit and His witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. This Video is from Sid Rothon his daughter, Jordan Cook. “It’s Supernatural”

Jordan Cook is 8-year-old girl who started to paint when she was 2 years old. In her 8th birthday, she had an encounter with Jesus and asked Jesus to heal her mother, Michelle. Michelle was miraculously healed by God. She also showed prophecy through her painting. Jordan prays for sick people in her area.

You’ll find other videos in this same area called: HeavenVisit, Published on Feb 2, 2014

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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A Word from the Lord

November 1, 2015home

A Word from the Lord

Some on reading this post may need to hear from the Lord and His love for you. Please take this as your own ‘Daily Bread’ to grow in your walk with the Lord.

“I have followed the flight of an eagle with My eyes.  I have seen the mighty fish in the sea and they all give Me great pleasure ..… but do you know the greatest of all My creation is the Adam and Eve I created?

“Time has not changed My joy in seeing mankind grow.  However, My heart has been saddened when I know the pleasure I wish to give My people, give to you My child.  My ways are meant to be light, My burden easy.  Religions and rules make the heaviness I wish to lift from My people.

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10/11 What does the Creator Require us to let go?

March 18, 2015e-mail

When facing the issues in our own life, we need to hear God on a topic called ‘Stronghold’.  Everyone has a system of girl with dadpersonal strongholds.  Some of our strongholds are set before we are even born.

As we have said in past posts, the vast majority of Christians come into God’s kingdom with worldly mindsets, ingrained bad habits, deep set judgements, biases, undealt with hurts, old forgiveness issues and other assorted heart stuff.  These ‘fortified structures’ of false beliefs are what the Bible refers to as ‘strongholds’.

We inherited some of these strongholds through our foundations from Adam and Eve.  We acquired both God-given traits and after the Fall, their self-centred, independent Sin-nature.  We then added generations of ethnic, cultural, national and historical attitudes and thinking patterns.  Next, we developed more complex networks of attitudes through our family of origin (FOO) traditions, their values and expectations. Finally, we personally added more ‘bricks’ to our personal strongholds by our own faulty choices and behaviours.  What a mess!

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