What we have to Learn: April-May Sunday Cuppa Review

Hearing your Creator’s Voice

Amazing … here we are almost in June 2011!  I don’t know about you, but time goes so fast.  So much as happened since I first started this blog!  What I thought we’d do today is share some of those hurdles, milestones and triumphs.

Anyone who has ever started … or continued with  … a blog will want to hear some of this.  I’ve changed themes 3 times now, trying to get the above heading into the right format and the right rest of the layout.  Ha!  Easy … well you’ve got to be somewhat familiar with CSS and HTML and … and … and  … but that’s a learning process.

My whole life isn’t consumed with the blog however.  The people I mentor have added such a sparkle to the world.  Time for a quick story:

A really angry one came with cries of “…It’s not fair.  It’s not just!  All the abuse I went through … and they seem to just go on living as if nothing has ever happened.  IT’S NOT Right!”  I had to admit I tended to agree with him but then we were never promised fairness … especially with our measuring stick of what fairness means.

I understood this cry and agreed with his statements.  The violence childhood pain and truama he had endured was unimaginable.  We had talked through so much of the bitter, angry times and had helped his heart to release and understand so  much of this road he had walked …. but he was right – ‘It wasn’t fair.”

“I wish I had a gun …I’d show them all…” he continued.  “I can see myself with a great big gun!”

“Can you ask what the Lord is saying about that?”  I softly challenged.

He did close his eyes and reach out to hear from the Lord.  Slowly a smile slipped across his face.  “Jesus asked me for the gun and gave me … a Bible instead.” (Amazing in itself as that was the last thing I expected to happen – a Bible.)  

 “He is showing me all the battles that God won in the Old Testament … without a gun.  He won battles with praise, with confusion in the enemy lines, with wind …. Wow!”  He said with admiration in his voice.  “I guess I can trust Him to help me then.”

I love it when the Lord says something like this to a traumatised, hurting heart.  How can I not help others learn to hear from Him?  So the whole purpose of this blog has been to help others begin this path! 

I have had some very interesting offers to write some posts for me … and you will see some of these in the next editions.  I do question that since there are some many great websites and blogs out there already, why another one?  But you know what … it’s call obedience and so here I sit with my cuppa.

We’re still working on some of the important basic when hearing God.  Wehave to believe it not only with our heads but with our heart and conscience too.  Then, it’s being willing to start trying to hear and knowing the difference between what the heart says and what the Holy Spirit says in the still, quiet voice.

We are also going to venture into audio with some great music clips I’ve found so you can practice that stillness and centering on Jesus.  We see some other great websites/blogs and what they can contribute to your hearing from your Creator .

Do get in touch with me as you read any of these posts.  It’s a great big world out there and I’m glad we can walk this path with Him!

Blog author, Susanne Feng;er


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