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Another Prayer for your Heart

Here are two more helpful prayers you can use to help your Heart learn to follow the Lord Jesus:

#1.  “Lord Jesus, thank You that You totally understand my Heart and that I don’t need to pretend with You.  You see the depths of my hurt and traumas far more than I ever could.  I know You came to heal my broken, (add own words here) Heart.  So help me and my Heart to continue to allow You to do what You need to do as You make me over into Your image.

Help me to follow Your love and allow You more access to the ‘rooms in my Heart’ where I have kept all this hurt and pain from my childhood, teen years and even my adult years.  Help me to hear Your voice.

Thank You for today and the gentleness You have with my Heart.  Help me to be gentle too as I continue to follow You.  I ask that You seal what You did today with Your love and that You bring the deep healing to my Heart that I need.”


#2.  “True Lord Jesus, I give my Heart into Your hands from today onwards.  I have seen the depths of my trauma in other times.  Please help me allow You to enter deeper and deeper into that “closet full of stuff” that my Heart keeps hidden from others.  Teach me, Holy Spirit to see my Heart the way You do, without judging it or having unreal expectations of what my Heart can do on this journey with You.

Help me to apply the Truth You have shown me today and not let these seeds slip away from my life.  I want to take every opportunity I have with You to grow the way You want me to.  Please give me the courage to continue to walk the Healing Path You have shown me.  I know my whole eternity with You will be richer and more rewarding as I allow You to do what You want with my life.”

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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