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Another Person’s Voice in Hearing God


 Susanne has been mentoring me for 2 years  now so I wanted to add something to her blog!

It has done my heart good to be coached by such a well-experienced Jesus- centred counsellor.  It has so lined up with my own heart’s desire for Jesus to be Lord over all of my life, including my work in counselling others.

I have often felt affirmed and excited about being in the right place, with Susan’s emphasis on heart issues.  I highly value Susan’s flexible and creative approach to her work, as this has allowed me to have the best of both worlds!   Firstly, helpful input in my  work with clients, and secondly, “ways forward” in some of my own personal “stuck places!”

This has been a rich growth opportunity for me with Susanne demonstrating a compassionate attentive ear, enabling me to feel  “heard” and in a safe place to share my innermost struggles.  She has allowed me space to wrestle with my unresolved issues as they have surfaced “loudly” in my own ears.….and because she has not been too quick to “jump in” she has modelled a respectful attitude empowering me to be accountable for my own choices, yet also offering wisdom and guidance where needed.

Susanne has also been amazingly generous in sharing from the wealth of resources that she has gleaned over the years of her professional life.  I have greatly appreciated her permission to freely share with others from amongst the wide variety of insightful worksheets that she has prepared, as she is passionate about “the truth” being sown into broken and needy places.

I hope that there are still a number of chapters to be written in my season of being mentored by Susan as she is a heart-warming role model to me.

With a thankful heart,  From “another Susan,”  14.2.09 

(Name supplied upon request)

author of this blog - SusanneDaniel and Susanne still do Mentoring and Coaching in their home business.  If you live in the Melbourne, Australia area, get in touch! 

We are also adding more great info, courses and those worksheets Susan mentioned to this blog.

Blog Author, Susanne Fengler


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