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Hello Everyone!  We thought it would help YOU when you visit our blog to have a page that lists all the Posts, YouTube videos, Sunday Cuppa’s, Guest Posts. Music…. in fact EVERYTHING! 

So here it is!

Hello and welcome to our blog –

 Series 10 –  The 10 ‘R’s’ of Maturity in Christ

Cuppa’ with Susanne – new series in Hearing God –

10/38 Ending one series and going onto Spiritual Gifts in Hearing God –

10/37 Rejoice in the Liberty and Peace of the Lord Jesus –

10/36 Be a partner with God in your growth –

10/35 Sustain and Retain your Growth while Hearing God –

10/34 Reinforce is the 8th step in Maturity in Hearing God –

10/33 Hearing God helps you Reclaim back the life He wanted for you –

10/32 Life’s Strategies in Forgiveness and Hearing God –

10/31 Hear God to Renew your Thinking by seeing the Opposites –

10/30 Learn to Renew your Spiritual walk in Hearing God –

10/29 Learning to Re-claim your Freedom –

Great song: “Show me your ways” –

10/28 So can be face and get rid of the Demonic Ourselves? –

10/27 The Fifth Step is to Renounce as you follow the Holy Spirit to Freedom –

10/26 Facing the Idols in your Heart to Resist and grow –

A Word from the Lord

10/25 Idols in your Heart may block growth in Hearing God –

Forgiving self – 10/24b Then comes Forgiving Yourself in Hearing God –

10/24 Forgiveness, an essential key in Hearing God –

10/23 So what are we Resisting in Hearing God? –

The Whole Bible Explained in 7 1/2 minutes! –

10/22 Resist by doing things God’s Way –

10/21 So what does ‘Resist’ mean when you are Hearing God? –

10/20 Hearing God and the next step in Growth: Resist

Christian Foundations looks at the Importance of Surrender! –

Hearing God Presents an Amazing Project – the Mulli Childrens’ Family –

Servanthood and Survival in Christian Foundations –

Hearing God presents the Book: ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’ –

Book: Learning to Surrender is the key to God’s best –

BookChristian Foundations presents the Book: ‘Stewardship as a Lifestyle’

10/19 Forgiveness means taking Responsibility for your own Growth in Hearing God – 118 & 10/19.

10/17 Accepting God’s Forgiveness is part of growth in Jesus –

10/16 Face the need to Repent to Grow in Hearing God –

10/15 Determine to Recognise what stops your growth in Hearing God –

10/14 Recognising Truth is part of Hearing God and Maturity –

10/13 The Step of Repentance in Hearing God –

10/12 Before the Next Growth Step in Hearing God for Maturity in Christ –

10/11 What does the Creator Require us to let? –

10/10 To Recognise the Truth is Essential in Hearing God! –

10/9 Determination to face and ‘Relinquish’ in Hearing God –

10/8 To ‘Relinquish’ is a process –

10/7 What does “Relinquish mean for the new Believer in Hearing God? –

10/6 In Hearing God, We will Not face an angry, Judgemental God –

10/5 To those who trade Self and Pride for Hearing God –

10/4 Refusing to Relinquish our life to Hear God –

A Girl’s Gift From Heaven: Painting with Jesus –

Hearing God & How to get the best from this study –

10/2 Hearing God’s 1st ‘R’ in Maturity in Jesus –

10/1 Hearing God sends out a Welcome Back!

Series 9 – Calling Your Heart to Follow the Lord:

A Closing Prayer for your Heart –

9/32 Knowing the Nature of God in Hearing His voice –

9/31 How to give a Testimony to share God’s love –

9/30 How to Help Others call their Heart to Follow Jesus –

9/28 A Prayer for your Heart as you Listen to God –

A Prayer for your Heart as you Listen to God –

9/27 Our Thinking Influences the way we Feel –

9/26 Teach your Children how to Hear from God –

9/25 Sunday Cuppa’ – Gratitude and Hearing God –

Great Music from 7 year old Rhema –

9/24 The 7 Nations we Face in our Christian Walk in Hearing God –

9/23 We follow the same Journey as the Old Testament in Hearing God –

9/22 Guest Post for Hearing God – Max Lucado ‘The Choice’ –

Another great Hearing God Music –

9/21 Two Prayer Meditations for your Heart –

9/20 Music to soak in – Create in me a Clean Heart –

9/19 We all face Afflictions –

9/18 Review – Calling your Heart to Follow what? –

9/17 What does it mean ‘…to Follow the Lord’? –

Another great song for your Heart! –

9/16 Another Prayer for your Heart –

9/15  Practical time – Finding God Spaces –

9/14 Some Guidelines for Inner Healing –

9/13 Common Heart Beliefs and God’s –

9/12 How can I help my Heart to Heal when Hearing God –

9/11 Behaviour comes out of what’s in your Heart –

9/10 Ways to Know what is in your Heart when Hearing God –

9/9 Hearing God: We all Begin with the Same Heart Condition – ignorant

9/8 A Prayer for your Heart –

Hearing God – A Song to Soften your Heart –

Sunday Cuppa – 23rd Psalm –

9/7 We can learn to find out what is in the Heart. –

9/6 We all begin our Journey of Life with the same Heart Condition –

9/5 What the Bible Says about your Heart –

9/4 Hearing God on the Conditions of your Heart –

Hearing God Worship Music – ‘When the Music Fades’ –

9/3 Only God can see our Heart and help us to Hear from Him –

9/2 What is ‘the Heart’ and how does it apply to Hearing God? –

9/1  Welcome to this new series on our blog about Hearing God! –


Hearing your Creator through the Covenants of God

8/15   One Interesting comment on the series –

8/14 8/13 8/12  A Review of Hearing God and His Covenants made with Individuals –

8/11   What can we learn from Hearing God and His Covenants? –

8/10  Other Parts to the Eternal Covenant in Hearing God –

8/9  The Consequences that go with the Eight Covenant –

8/8   Heaven will be Beyond this present Physical Space, Time and Place –

8/7 Stuart Townend Music – See What A Morning! A view of Heaven –

8/6  YouTube Video Resources – A Place Called Heaven –

8/5  YouTube – Amazing Artist, Akiane, Hearing God at age 10, 11 and 12 – ////////

8/4  Heaven will be a Place of Fulfilment in ‘Work’ and Worship –

8/3   So what will Heaven and Hearing God be Like? –

YouTube Video – What Will We Do In Heaven? –

8/2 Why do we need to Hear from our Creator? –

8/1  The Everlasting Covenant between the Creator and Himself –

The Everlasting and Eternal Covenant

7/15 Hearing God presents the Website of the Month – 7/14  Music to face the World: El Shaddai  by Amy Grant – 7/13  Summary and Conclusion for the Covenant with Jehovah and Jesus Christ –

7/12  The Robe movie

Uploaded by TriforceMinistries3 on Aug 7, 2011 7/11

Other Parts of the New Covenant with Jesus Christ –

7/10  The New Covenant and the promises of cursing to those who reject hearing from God –

7/9  The New Covenant with Jesus Christ brings new Heart Changes –

Music: YouTube music: ‘Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord’ –

7/8  Jesus was given full Authority over everything –

7/7  Hearing God tell us Who we are in Christ –

7/6  Our Authority is confirmed when we are ‘Born Again’

7/7  Hearing God tell us Who we are in Christ –

7/5  Hearing God and knowing our Spiritual Authority –

7/4  Hearing God and another way to understand – Jesus the Movie –

7/3  The Blessings of Hearing God that come with this Covenant –

7/2 Understanding the Covenant made with Jesus Christ –

Great Music to listen to – Matt Redman –

7/1 Review and Intro to New Covenant -

BOOK -No Eye has Seen – Graham Carter

Hearing God and a Story about Susanne –

Guest post Conviction – Sharon White – Time Line – from 445 BC to the end of time –

The Covenant made with Jesus Christ

6/6 Other Parts of the Covenant between David and Jehovah –

6/5  Understanding the Covenant between David and Jehovah-Elyon –

6/4  David gained the trust of his people in his covenant with the Creator – 

6/3 The Shepherd boy as David’s time in History – David’s Covenant with Jehovah –  

6/2 Background to the Creator’s Covenant with David – 6/1 Intro to The Kingdom Covenant with David and Hearing God –

Background to the Creator’s Covenant with David –

The Covenant with David and Jehovah

3/12 Time Line Abraham to Jesus –

3/11 Time line of Noah to Abraham –

3/10 Time Line of Adam to Noah and the Great Flood

The Time Line from Abraham to Jesus’ Birth –

3/12 Time Line Abraham to Jesus –

3/11 Time line of Noah to Abraham –

3/10 Time Line of Adam to Noah and the Great Flood

The Time Line from Abraham to Jesus’ Birth –

The Covenant of Jehovah with Joshua for the Promised Land:

YouTube – Israel In Ancient Egypt – Archaeological Proof –

YouTube – The 12 Spies of sent to the Promised Land –

5/7d The Results of the Covenant between Joshua and Jehovah –

YouTube Video – When the Jordan River Stopped for Joshua –

5/7c The Terms of the Covenant for the Land of Jehovah – (Moses)

5/7b – 5/7b Joshua’s Story in the Covenant for the Promised Land –

5/7a – The Palestine Covenants, Joshua –

Names of God –

The Covenant between Moses and Jehovah God:

5/6c The Remaining Parts of Moses’ Covenant with El-Elyon –

5/6b The Story of Moses –

NylaRossini on Sep 21, 2011

YouTube – Tower of Babel – by…. Uploaded by mikehouli on Sep 2, 2011

5/6a Covenants of the Promise Land – Moses –

Time Line – Noah to Abraham –

5/5b Part 2, Abraham’s Covenant –

5/5a Abraham’s covenant –

Jehovah’s Covenant with Noah:

5/4c Covenant with Noah –

5/4d Hearing your Creator through the Great Flood –

5/4b Noah’s story –

5/4a Covenant with Noah – YouTube

Crosby –

The Covenant with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden:

5/3 Rebellion of Adam –

YouTube – Story of Can & Abel –

5/2 first covenant Eden –

Time Line of Adam to Noah –

Benny Hinn on Covenants –

Hearing God through the Covenants, The Choice –

5/1 Rescue plan –

Personal Spiritual Warfare

Susanland –

Hearing God & the Heart Principles of Inner Healing-

Begin Your Personal Journey through Inner Healing –

The Sermon on the mount – psy of Jesus –

Two quotes from God –

False views about God – Jesus is the Great Healer –

The 7 lies my heart still believes about God –

The 9 Families of Emotions –

Hearing God & Elizabeth’s Prayer –

4/1.  The Psychology of Jesus and the Problems of the World around us –

Two examples of hearing from God –  

2f. Our Authority in Christ –

The Garden of my Heart Poem –

They speak with other tongues – joke –

Hearing God in Psalms 139 –

2e.  Guest post – deliverance –

YouTube on Spiritual Warfare –

3/1g.  #2d.  Personal Worksheet – the Wounds we still carry –

3/1f.  #2d.  Recognizing Bondages –

3/1e.  #2b Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing our Creator  –

3/1d.  #2c. Understanding Satan’s Footholds and PSW –

3/1c.  #2b.  PSW and Hearing our Creator –

3/1a.  Series #2a Personal Spiritual Warfare –

 Series #1 and 2:  Learning to Hear from your Creator

2.1c.  More good Reasons to hear from God, part 3 –

2/1b.  Good reasons to hear from God, part 2 –

2/1a. Good reasons to hear from God –

Nature of God – 

1/1m.  What if my heart doesn’t want to hear God –

1/1l.  #7 The effort to change –

What are the ways God talks to us today? –

Do you hear from God Already –

Which voice am I listening to? –

Where is your Holy Spirit Space? –

How healthy is your Spirit?

So What is the Human Spirit?

1/1k.  #6   …but I can’t make the jump: past hurts –

1/1j.  40 ways to enrich your spiritual awareness – CLOSED

1/1i.  #5 Your Heavenly Father isn’t like your earthly dad –

The Loom of Time –

He makes everything new –

1/1h.  The three lies we believe  –

1/1g.  #4. Involvement in another Kingdom –

Another person’s voice –

1/1f.  What we have to learn – April-May –

1/1f.  How do I start to hear God’s voice –

1/1e.  #3 so why can’t i hear the Lord: Life is filled with other things –

1/1d.  The Nature of God –

1/1c.  #2 if he talks why can’t I hear him: wrong beliefs about God’s nature –

Talking with Jesus Today –

1/1b.  #1  The Creator doesn’t talk to us today: Not talking but with Bible –

Sunday Cuppa’s with Susanne

Sunday Cuppa’ with Susanne – A Christian Perspective on 9/11 –

Our Second Cuppa with Susanne –

Sunday Cuppa’ on Iniquity –

Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – God’s Purpose for Eternity?-   

Guest Posts:

Guest Post – Rick Warren – The Purpose of Life –

 Guest Post – Rick Warren – #2. The Purpose of Life –

Guest post – Vine –

Garden of my Heart –

Music to Warm your Heart:

Music – ‘When the music fades’ –

3 Jesus Music – Open the eyes of my heart, Lord –

More Jesus Music – ‘In Christ Alone’ –

women at computerWebsite of the Month:

Website of the Month –


We hope this has make your search for Posts and other materials easier.  It has beern a pleasure to write these Posts and find the material to go along with the materials.

God bless you as you continue to read our Hearing from your Creation Blog!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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