A Word from the Lord

A Word from the Lord

Some on reading this post may need to hear from the Lord and His love for you. Please take this as your own ‘Daily Bread’ to grow in your walk with the Lord.

“I have followed the flight of an eagle with My eyes.  I have seen the mighty fish in the sea and they all give Me great pleasure ..… but do you know the greatest of all My creation is the Adam and Eve I created?

“Time has not changed My joy in seeing mankind grow.  However, My heart has been saddened when I know the pleasure I wish to give My people, give to you My child.  My ways are meant to be light, My burden easy.  Religions and rules make the heaviness I wish to lift from My people.

“I long to draw you closer, to teach you deeper things of My Spirit.  I need you to let your Heart rest in My love, to rest in My peace.  I know the paths ahead for you.  I have planned and will provide many treasures you have yet to see.  Look for My hand and let Me guide you.

“I do know of your beginnings, of the painful places you have walked in your life.  I have provided healing and grace to get up and go on … but know this, My child – I have never left your side.  I have always walked with you, even when you cannot see My hand in your life.  It is in times like this that I wish to grow your faith and trust.

“I have treasured your growth in following Me … and I want you to continue to seek Me for who I am, not what others have said about Me – or what the groups around you think.

“Look for Me and you will see Me in many layers in your life.  I know your future; I know the dark places ahead and the places filled with sunshine and light.  You will find Me in both places as I am moulding you and teaching you to walk with Me.

“Trust Me as you see the world around you.  I will never leave you or walk away from you as I love you with a deep everlasting love.  Yes, even when you make mistakes or take your eyes off the track.  I am here!  Rest in My peace and continue to let me fill you with My ways, with My treasures.”

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