A Prayer for your Heart as you Listen to God

As we start bringing this sessions to a close, here are two meditations you can pray for your heart.  Remember, we always need to include our heart when we come to the Lord.  It is too easy to try and follow Him ‘with our head’ rather than with our heart!

#1.  Prayer for your Heart:

Well Lord Jesus, my heart does want to follow You.  I repent for the times I have just accepted this to happen without my will being involved.  I can see the Holy Spirit has called me from slavery in Egypt and onto another path with Him.  Sometimes I think I am standing before You but with fear and doubt in my Heart.  You know that and You are calling my Heart to trust You more on this Journey of Life.

Help my Head to know what You are saying to me so that my Heart can be free to respond to Your love.  Please help me face that Red Sea, that place of making decisions based on faith rather than on fear.

Help me continue to keep my eyes on Your love and not condemn myself for my failures.  I know You call me onwards, to learn and grow in Your grace and love.  Help me to keep making my walk with You real and alive and not fall for the false idols along the way.  Help me to hear the temptations of the enemy and choose to walk in obedience to what the Holy Spirit has taught me.  Thank You Jesus, Amen

#2.  Prayer for your Heart:

As I listen to what You are convicting me about this session, Lord help me to follow You with obedience and faith.  Help me face every enemy that is in front of me with Your strength and not fight by my own self-effort.  Thank You again for bringing me out of the world’s slavery and into Your kingdom.  Continue to bring me into Your Promised Land of Peace and Obedience.

Help me to see what You really mean by ‘death to self’ as I know this was Your way, to follow Father God’s path.  You know where I am in my Journey with You.  I know the Great Teacher walks beside me; help me to believe this more and more!

I want to choose to enter that Promised Land of Your kingdom rather than wander.  Help my Heart to even know what that means!  Continue to expose the idolatry as my Heart seeks to find its comfort.  Thank You Jesus, Amen

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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