9/9 Hearing God: We all Begin with the Same Heart Condition

In our last posts, we talked about having a heart and that our heart can be in different conditions.  Have you started to look at what might be in your Heart yet?  We will include practical ways that you can start to do this.

Remember we also talked about how your Heart is hidden and yet it is the central location of all the issues of your life.  Hhuuummm so what can this mean?  To understand this, we must look at some of the beginning of all our Heart issues.

A.  We all Begin with a Heart in the same Condition

 Ephesians 4:18 explains this.

“They (meaning us) are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their heart.”

What does this mean? 

Our heart has prevented us from hearing and knowing God, especially if we have ‘a hard heart’.  How did we get a hard heart?

a.  Our rebellious, self-reliant inheritance from Adam and Eve,

b.  Generations of self-centred, blinded ways,

c.  Our own actions before we came to the Lord.

Our heart looks something like this before we were touched by the Holy Spirit.

B.  Coming to the Lord means a changed heart.

Two main theories and both with verses from the Bible:

1.  We are given a clean heart when we ask Him into our life.

Ezekiel 36:26: “I will also give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you….” .  God wisely gives His believers both a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him.

However, if we haven’t been taught to keep that heart clean, eventually it begins to get dirty again.  Whenever we allow an unforgiving thought to remain, feel bitterness and anger and act on it or by ignoring the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Soon, our heart is ‘dirty’ again.

2.  The second view it that we allow Him to only touch a tiny, small or maybe a middle part of our heart. 

The rubbish is still there and now the job of the Holy Spirit is to bring that ‘baptism of fire’, the ‘Sanctification’ process as we work with Him to clean up our heart.  He loves us too much to leave all that rubbish in our heart for the enemy to touch.  However, only when we stand with Him in eternity will our heart be totally pure.

C.  The Heart and the Spirit must be touched to be ‘born again’.

1.  Ask the Lord this question:  “Lord how much of my heart have I let You touch?”  Then, “What do You want me to do about this Lord?”

Write out the answer or draw the picture you see! 

2.  Then ask “Lord what do you want to do about my Heart?”  Follow what He tells you to do.

3.  When we ask the Lord Jesus into our heart, initially we are ‘born again’.

This new birth takes place in our spirit, for according to John 3:6, “…that which is born of the Spirit is spirit”.  Not only does our spirit function to receive God initially; it continues to function to receive God for the rest of our Christian life.

We must learn how to ‘exercise’ our heart and spirit to continue to grow in Him.  This is what it means to “…walk in the Spirit…”.

D.  So how can you help your Heart to be more willing to ‘exercise’?

1.  First, only God knows what is in our heart, 1 Samuel 16:7, Psalm 7:9. 

So our first job is to work with the Lord to find out what is there and how it needs to be changed.   That means helping our heart to be open to the Lord too.

That’s a problem because we cannot really see ourselves clearly.  We need His help, especially when everything comes out of our heart.  Being willing to be willing is one of the major block to following the Lord Jesus.

2.  Our main job is to listen and obey, to learn to mediate between the heart and the Lord.  Since the heart is ‘in unbelief’, we can only be healed when we allow Him access to our heart. 

3.  Another good way is to catch the inner dialogue, the self talk. 

What might be the kind of self-talk we would hear the heart saying?  You can find many ‘heart lies’ this way, things the heart believes – that aren’t true.  Such as …..”I’m a failure.”

4.  Whenever you find yourself in reaction rather than being able to choose to respond to a situation, see this as an open window to find out what is in your heart.  Our Reactions to life’s events are a window to our heart.

5.  Seeing the ‘buttons’ that ‘others push’ in the events of our daily life, can give you clues to what is in your heart. 

An example might be the difficulties one person has with their female boss at work.  With the Lord’s help, they might discover that not only do they react to her, but also there have been other women in the past that have brought the same reaction – other females in authority.  In fact they might realise that problems with female teachers and other females have been a pattern.  Where do you think the real issues are?

…but then we have to ask, whose ‘buttons’ are they really?  If my buttons get pushed, it is my responsibility to do something about it rather than try and make everyone not push my buttons.

We all get caught in patterns and reactions like this.  By learning to work with the heart on these reactions, we can ‘get down to the heart of the matter’ – which is the heart!  Learn to be aware of these occasions for His help with your journey.

6.  Another good way is to watch your emotions, the heart’s messengers. 

Learn to see your emotions as messengers of what’s going on in your heart.  Anger = “I hear you heart; you are angry.  What are you angry about heart?” Learn to talk with the heart and hear what’s going on deep inside.  Remember, the heart is hidden but God knows what is there.

7.  Remember Jesus came to heal the broken hearted.  How does He do this?

You might be surprised by the tools He uses to mould us.  One of the reasons why Jesus came is to heal the broken hearted.  We need to know we are the broken hearted before we can receive His healing.

Here is a picture someone shared with me once:

The Lord showed a woman a beautiful piece of marble being carved into a statue. “Would you like to see the workman on this statue?” He asked her.  When she said “Yes”, out from behind the piece of marble came her mother-in-law, her son and her niece – three of the most abrasive people in her life.

The Lord is calling your Heart, gently and patiently, to follow His path for you.  We must be determined to be open enough to allow Him to ‘come into our heart’.  What sort of tools is He using for you right now?  How willing is your heart to be willing now?

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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