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9/8 A Prayer for your Heart

In several of our posts, we have included a practical way to think about what is going on inside your own Heart.  Here is another way.  I want you to Pray for your Heart!

  “Well heart, I guess I’m going to learn more about you in these 7 weeks.  Please know I want to hear what the Lord says about you …. and to grow toward a more healthy heart.  So, heart I will try and be gentle with you and hear what you want to say to me….but I need your help heart to do this.

“Please also know this heart that I value you and the treasure that you are meant to be to me.  You have much stored inside, both pain and happy memories.  Can we work with the Lord Jesus to heal that pain and enjoy the life we have been given by our Creator?  He endured more pain than we ever will … to win you, heart to follow Him.  Will we trust Him more in this journey of life?

“I urge you heart to hear and trust the Lord … and me …. as I work with you.  Please heart, let us listen again to the Word and His Spirit as we reach toward that higher goal of following Him.  Help us Lord Jesus to allow Your love to reach us more and more.”

#2.  Another Prayer for your heart:

“So we meet again heart.  I’ve heard you in the past but have chosen to ignore your pain.  Now, I want to look at you, heart with the Lord’s eyes.  You are important heart, I can see that now.  I’m sorry for not listening to you.  Help me Lord Jesus to hear my heart’s message now.

“I know my heart holds to key to hearing from You and I now chose to allow You to touch my heart.  Teach me to hold my heart in the loving way You meant me to do.  Help Me to apply what I will learn from these times together.  Help me to be aware of the messages I hear from You and my heart.”

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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