9/7 We can learn to find out what is in the Heart.

As we have already mentioned, only God can see our heart to know what’s there.  We need to learn to work with our Creator to help us in this journey to find out what is in the heart.  He is not deceived by our outward appearances.  In fact, He will judge us according to what is in our hearts, rather than by our actions.

We have seen how our Heart can be in different ‘conditions’: rebellious, fearful, callous, darkened, anxious, hardened and so on.  It also can be touched by God, cleanses, wise, glad, loves the Lord, sincere and taught to seek God.

There are many ways to find out what is in our Heart.  We’ll cover some of these ways in later posts, along with how to bring healing to a hurt Heart.

A.  The heart tries to plug into things and ways to cope with life’s pain.

It makes ‘friends’ with these things because the heart thinks these things will take away the pain.  It uses these ‘friends’ to replace God’s way of doing things.  These things are ‘false friends’, and what God calls an ‘idol’.  Any examples you can think of?

1.  The Heart can also be like a ‘Compost Pile’.

If I have an open compost pile in my back yard, it will soon attract all kinds of animals and insects, even rats.  I can get rid of the rats with a cat or with traps but what is the real issue?  Learn to remove (by repentance) what ‘the rats’ – the demonic – are feeding on from the heart and most ‘rats’, the demonic oppression will leave.

2.  The demonic feeds on and can influence us through the stuff we lock up in our heart. 

The hidden anger, bitterness, resentments and grief of the hurting heart attract the enemy forces.  Clean out the heart and the enemy has no foothold.  Perhaps that is one reason why Jesus taught so much on the unforgiveness we often find in our hearts.

3.  Many people live with a huge gap between their head and their heart. 

The heart can be wounded, shattered and struggling to handle the pain and traumas of living, while the person thinks they are sailing through life.  They cope mainly on the efforts of their mental understanding – unaware of the depths of pain within.

Unless we learn to handle the heart in God’s way, the inner pain is ‘transferred’ or connected to the physical body.  Many of the aches and pains of the body can be traced back to some emotional or undealt with heart issues.  So let’s see what it means to “Call your Heart to Follow the Lord”.

4.  Then, we are responsible to learn to guard our Heart.

When we learn how to clean out our Heart, then we have to learn to guard it, Philippians 4:7. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23 (NIV).

Much like a ‘sponge’; it will soak up whatever comes our way.  The heart can’t discriminate.  We need our mind and spirit to filter what gets into our heart.  That is why the heart has to be ‘guarded’, Mark 7:21, Romans 1:24-25, Proverbs 20:9.

This has been a short introduction to the concept of ‘the Heart’.  Join us on our next post to see how the Heart works and how we can find out what’s in our own Heart.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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