9/24 The 7 Nations we Face in our Christian Walk in Hearing God

In our last post, we presented the idea that the lessons the Hebrew nation needed to learn as they followed Jehovah are the same lessons we need to learn as we follow Jesus.  They faced 7 enemies once they came to His Promised Land.

The seven nations that occupied Israel’s Promised Land teach us spiritual lessons, when we are conquering our own ‘Promised Land’.  Numbers 13 tells us that these giants were very real threats, with immense weapons.  “We are but grasshoppers in their sight….” the ten spies moaned.  That unbelief was the ‘last straw’ and Israel wandered in their wilderness of unbelief for 40 years.

1.  The Hittites Dealing with Fear.  Their name means ‘dread’ or ‘fear’, specially chosen by Satan to bring bondage by undermining Israel’s faith and trust in Jehovah’s plans.  From the moment of Adam’s sin, mankind has grappled with fear, continuing throughout history to touch God’s people today.  Since the mind is the interface with the spiritual world, fear encourages the self to take control, to make our own way through the pains of life.  Often fear pushed Israel into making war plans that met with disaster.  Jehovah challenged their faith in Him.

Lessons for us today:  Fears that are unfounded, unrealistic, tormenting and persistent have the potential to destroy spirit, soul and body.  We are confronted with fear every step of our walk with the Lord Jesus, including the biggest spirit of fear of them all – the fear of rejection.  Some fear is based in our Family Of Origin and childhood beliefs, possibly producing up to 51% of all diseases ***.  We overcome by the renewing of our minds, feeding on His promises and watching our speech

2.  The Amorites – Taming the Tongue.  Their name means ‘to say, to speak, to speak against or to boast in self’.  Creator God used His words to speak creation into existence.  This same process happened when “The Word became flesh …” and Jesus’ life began.  The defiling spirit behind slanderous words and destructive comments can be seen in swearing, murmuring and complaining,  In boasting and prideful self, constantly tempting Israel’s confessions of faith.

Lessons for us today:  Created in God’s image, mankind has this same creative power of speech.  With our tongue, we both praise – or curse God and others, use our prayer language  – or degrade and slander others.  Practicing forgiveness or non-judgement comes with facing this spirit and learning to discipline our speech and deal with our heart’s inbuilt desire to complain.  A controlled tongue expresses emotional and spiritual maturity.

3.  The Canaanites – Facing Greed for Money and Possessions.  This enemy’s name means ‘trafficker, to be brought low by trade or greed’. This spiritual force is behind the rise and collapse of civilizations, the pride and greed in world trade, in wars that result in poverty and starvation for mankind.  Israel’s flirtation with enemy’s wealth was evident.

Lessons for us today:  The lust for material possessions drives many Christians into snares of debt, despair and ruin.   While it is essential to not judge this spirit, God’s abundant provisions for His people are rooted in the faith journey, in learning stewardship, tithing and obedience to the Lordship of Jesus.

4.  The Hivites – Recognizing the delusions and Compromises with the World.  Their name means ‘villager, dweller in a village or small town’, from the same root as Eve’s name ‘life-giving’.  Israel had to battle against the delusions and dubious delights they found in their Land.   Their preoccupation with the things of that world robbed them of their commitment to Jehovah’s best.  Loving the pagan world around them, especially their women and their idols, led Israel into slavery and eventually, captivity to their enemies.

Lessons for us today:  This Hivite spirit aims to lure us into the snares of easy living, of seeking pleasure and prosperity at the price of our walk with God – rather than seeking the eternal pursuits that bring value and worth.   Whether in religious trappings that have no life or in the world’s external glitter, this seductive, alluring power beguiles us of ‘harmless’ pleasures, small sins that lead to captivity and bondage, ie unGodly talk, music, smoking, business interests, parties – all without real value.

5.  The Perizzites – Trusting God’s protection, or making their own.  This spiritual enemy means ‘unwalled town or village’, rejecting and causing separation from Godly protection.  Israel had to learn to follow God’s directions for warfare against their enemies, with the right weapons and right attitudes.

Lessons for us today:  The holes on our walls and defences can be self-made, i.e. involvement with the occult or bitterness and unforgiveness towards others … or such holes can come as we reject the foundations we have in Jesus to build our own self-works. 

6.  The Girgashites – Continuing on for God, or backsliding.   ‘One who returns back from a pilgrimage, dwellers in clayey soil or black mud’, a sense of being earthy is the meaning of this tribe of enemies.  Tradition and Joshua 3:10 refers to this “giant” as having fled to Africa after the destruction of their property and possessions.  This enemy was finished when they crossed the Jordan River, their separation from Egypt.

Lessons for us today:  This spiritual force is behind the apostasy which seeks to turn us back from following Christ, to become earthy and sensual, to return to the filth and ‘blackness’ of the world once again.   Doubts and fears also unite with this enemy, lulling us back into thoughts of giving up, or shake our faith in our God-given leaders or others on their faith journey. 

7.  The Jebusites – Submitting to Condemnation, Shame, or following Conviction.  Their name means ‘treading, or trodden down, to tread down with the feet, to pollute or defile’.  We see this enemy even daring to enter Jerusalem, God’s holy dwelling place, Joshua 18:28.  This enemy attacked by defiling the temple and polluting His holy people, robbing them of their authority and calling in the land.   This spiritual network can be seen in Israel’s discouragement, shame, intimidation, thus stealing the hope and the Truth of Jehovah’s work in their lives.

Lessons for us today:  This Jebusite spirit aims to bring us into condemnation, accusation and intimidation, which feed our feelings of defeat and overwhelming shame.  The ‘accuser of the brethren’ is Satan’s desperate bid to have us reject the sanctification and healing process planned by Father God – to take on false guilt and shame.   We must learn to walk by conviction rather than condemnation.  Behind condemnation is the greatest bully of all – Satan.

(Adapted from Giants or Grasshoppers, Reginald Klimionok, Vision Enterprises Publications, 1982)

*** ‘None of These Diseases’ written by Dr. S.I. McMillen.

I trust that you have found this illustration helpful in your walk with the Lord,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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