9/23 We follow the same Journey as the Old Testament in Hearing God

So far, we have seen that we have a Heart, but that our Heart may be in different conditions.  How much we have allowed Jesus to touch our Heart.  We then discussed how precious our Heart is to our Creator and how He came ‘to Heal the broken Hearted’.

We saw that when we become the ‘New Creation’, we have special rights and privileges as a daughter of the Most High God.  Our Heart and spirit become changed and the goal is ‘… be conformed to His image’.  To what degree we cooperate with the Holy Spirit depends on us.  We even spent some time in our ‘God Space’ to see how He sees our Heart.

We talked about the Good News our Heart must hear before it signs up to continue as ‘a Jesus Follower’.  Do you remember what that Good News is?  Grace versus self-effort and self-reliance…..

In one of our last posts, we talked about why we face Afflictions. What do you remember?

Then we saw that hitting the pain wall’ can bring such trauma to your heart that things begin to shut down and then ….. all kinds of physical and mental dis-ease happens.  …but the Answer is still to get back to the Lord Jesus for His answers!

The next thing our heart needs to know is ….

Our Life is Meant to be a Journey

We have already talked about how we have only these 60, 80 to 100 years to learn the lessons that will lead us into eternity.  This is our ‘Training Ground’, our ‘Boot Camp’ that leads us toward our eternal destination.  How we need to help our heart see the Big picture, the over-view of our Creator’s purposes in His ‘Great Rescue Plan’!

 A Living Parable for us today: the Hebrew Nation

1.  Parables from the Old Testament

The birth of Israel is a living parable for us to learn from today, 1 Corinthians 10:1-14. Their story is recorded to teach us:

      a.  ‘……to keep from setting our heart on evil things as they did’, verse 6

      b.  ‘… flee from Idolatry….’, verse 14.

      c.  ‘…to test the Lord as they did…’ verse 9,

      d.  ‘…. not to grumble….’ verse 10

2.  The Journey we see as a pattern for us today

The Bible records that Israel went into Egypt because of a famine in the land.  They were honoured guest at first.  However, a new Pharaoh began his reign and held the Hebrews as slaves.  God sent Moses and they began their journey out of slavery.

They first had to cross the Red Sea with their enemy at their backs.  God called them into faith rather than see the Sea if==or the enemy.

At Mount Sinai, they were given ‘The Law’ that God expected them to live by.  They faced a choice at Kadish Barnea to either follow Him or continue in their unbelief and hard heart.

They chose to continue in unbelief and God let them wander in the wilderness for 40 years, until a new generation would keep their vows to follow Him.

Next they faced the Jordan River.

He led them into His Promised Land.

3.  We as followers of Jesus face these same challenges!

We begin to see that the ‘world’ is an empty, painful, unsatisfying place – which is a type of Egypt in biblical terms.  We must choose to leave ‘Egypt’ to follow Him.

The first challenge is to face our own Red Sea.  Are we going to stay true to Him or give into doubt and our fears with enemy at our backs?  This is the place where we dedicate our lives to Him, usually followed by water baptism.

Then we are led to places where the Holy Spirit writes His laws on our Heart.  That’s the Rhema and Logos Word we have talked about.  Will we follow what He has taught us…or go round the mountain again?

We also have a ‘Kadish Barnea’ experience where we too much chose.

If we continue in our doubt and hard heart, we will wander in our ‘wilderness’ for however long it takes to find Him.  Sad to say, some people never come back to His provisions and promises.

Somewhere there is a ‘Jordan River’ experience for us as Jesus Followers too.  This is the death to self choice, usually involving the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Many Jesus Followers make it to this point and then comes the taking the Promised Land.

Even here, we encounter enemies and those things that would stop us from really possessing what He had given to us as our inheritance.  For example, the people found 7 major tribes that stood in their way to take on what God had for them….and guess what?  We face those same 7 enemies in ou walk with Him today!

Any idea what they are?  Join us in our next post as we look at these 7 enemies and how they translate to what we face in our walk with the Lord.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author  


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