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9/21 Two Prayer Meditations for your Heart

From time to time, we suggest that you stop and think about the condition of your heart.  Try to allow some response to what we have been talking about.  In fact, we think it is so important that we have included two prayers for you to meditate and pray through.

#1.  Prayer for your Heart:

Lord Jesus, my Heart and I stand before You.  We don’t always understand why You do what You do in our world.  Sometimes, confusion and doubt come when we see things differently than You do.  I would ask for my Heart, the wisdom to hang onto You when pain and affliction happen.  Help us to see Your hand of Love rather than interpreting everything as You being against me.

I ask that You help my Heart to see the Afflictions of life as You do, as spaces to learn from You.  Help me to give You more and more control in my world as my Lord and Friend.  Help my Heart to really Trust You More!  Help me not to stumble and turn away when pain comes, but to allow You to open the eyes of my Heart to see and let You ‘prune me’.  Thank You, Lord, Amen

#2.  Prayer for your Heart:

Lord, I ask for the wisdom to see the difference between Your hand and the enemy when painful things happen in my world.  Help my Heart to know Your love guides all things and that You will bring ‘Good from all things’ …. if I allow You to.

Help me to know when You are dealing with my Heart to bring ‘chastisement’ and to respond to Your Truth.  Help my Heart to see the treasures in the journey, no matter what the afflictions that comes across my path.  Help my Heart to take the opportunity to see the torments of life as the space to find and follow You.  In your timing, help me to share this message with others when the need is there.

Thank You Lord, Amen

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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