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9/18 Review – Calling your Heart to Follow what?

So far, we have seen that we have a Heart, but that Heart may be in different conditions.  How much we have allowed Jesus to touch our Heart.  We then discussed how precious our Heart is to our Creator and how He came ‘to Heal the broken Hearted’.

We saw that when we become the ‘New Creation’, we have special rights and privileges as a son or daughter of the Most High God.  Our Heart and Spirit become changed and the goal is ‘… be conformed to His image’.  To what degree we cooperate with the Holy Spirit depends on us.  We even spent some time in our ‘God Space’ to see how He sees our Heart.

From our last session, what do you remember?

We talked about the Good News our Heart must hear before it ‘signs up’ to continue as ‘a Jesus Follower’.  Do you remember what that Good News is?  Talk with the person next to you and see if you can get it down on paper again.

If it helps, go back to Mark 1:15 or Mark 16:15.  It has nothing to do with self-effort and good works.

B.  So How can I help my Heart Face what really Happens in life around me and make this Good news Real?

1.  We live in a World of Hurt and Pain.

Becoming a Jesus Follower doesn’t change that.  We all know hurt and pain happen in our world.   In fact, many people have so much trouble adjusting to this fact and the promises of Jesus that they give away their hope of salvation, their faith.  Some people come to the Lord thinking all their problems will be solved; for some they just get started.

2.  Our Heart needs to resolve this issue to really, really trust Him!

Good things still happen to bad people and bad things still happen to good people – including us.  WHY? I can hear your heart ask!  We must think this through with our Mind, spirit and our Heart to stay determined for the whole distance.

C.  Creator God is a God of law and Order

1.  Let me take you back before time began. 

Once there was The One who filled everything and was everything; we call this Being ‘God’.

This entity began to think about having a creation and humans – people who would share the vast expanse of reality of a physical and a spiritual world. ….so God began to plan, to stretch His creative abilities, thus starting the Greatest Story ever told.

2.  The Need for ‘free will’

This Creator God also had to come to grips with the need to create ‘free will’ knowing that in doing so, some of this creation of humans would chose to not follow the best paths.   Even before the beginning of Creation, God knew the horrific pain and misery that would result from their disobedience – and He had a way through!

3.  The Word Became Flesh, John 1:1-5, 10-14.

God knew no human being could ever be perfect enough or free of the traits of Adam and Eve to save the human race. So that same “Word‟ had to come to save the creation; God planned to become flesh Himself, to bring mankind back to Himself – as the babe born as Jesus of Nazareth.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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