9/15 Practical time – Finding God Spaces

The purpose of this exercise is to help you to be more aware of God’s presence in your world.  Collect 2 pieces of paper and 4 textas of the colours you like.  Go find a place in the building – or outside   if nice weather.  It is important that you have a sense of privacy where you are.

Follow the steps as listed to find your ‘God Space’ and  what He is saying to you.  We are going to be inviting the Lord to talk to you about your heart and where He sees you on your journey.

1.  First, concentrate on what’s happening around your physical body.  Use your four senses: hearing, smell, touch and taste to discover what’s happening outside your body.  Mentally list what you are sensing.

2.  Now shift your focus to inside your body.  Do you have any areas of tension or pain?  Mentally list them.

3.  Shift your focus to your emotions.  What emotions are you aware of?  Write the emotions you are aware of here:

4.  Now refocus on where God is for you right now.  Is He in the room with you?  Are you aware that He is in you or outside you?  If outside:  in front of you, behind you, to the right or left, above or below?  Remember He is a gentleman.  Sometimes you have to ask Him to be in the same space as you are.

5.  When you have located Jesus, ask Him this request “Lord Jesus, please give me a picture of what my (spiritual) heart looks like”.   Draw a picture or write down the words about your heart as He sees it.  Add any words or explanations if needed.

7.  Ask the Lord what He wants to talk to you about your heart. 

8.  Use your second piece of paper to redraw, or write out, what He is saying to you.  Make sure to add the paper to your journal.

 9.  Add any comments, conclusions and insights.

10.  Use one of the Prayers and ask the Lord’s blessings on your Heart and the ‘work’ you did today.  Return to our Room.

How did you go?  Want to share anything?  You can use this same pattern to find the hurt and Pain in your Heart using the steps to Inner Healing too.  Just remember to treat your Heart with love, care and respect its trauma/s.

(This material came from a practical session I taught with my Co-Counsellors and various Prayer Ministry sessions. Original date and place unknown.)

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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