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9/12 How can I help my Heart to Heal when Hearing God

In our last posts, we talked about having a heart and that our heart can be in different conditions.  We gave you a few practical ways to see what is in your own Heart and how to help prepare your Heart to find ways to communicate with YOU.

The aim of this whole series is to help you find out about your Heart and how to help call it to be a real Jesus Follower.  As we have seen, our heart often determines how much we allow the Lord into our life.  This is why it is so important to learn about the Heart and how to help it find the real Jesus, rather than the ‘Sunday School’ Jesus we may have first seen.

In fact a good book on this very subject is ‘The Jesus I never Knew’ by Philip Yancey.

In this post, we want to continue to look at how this healing can take place since Jesus “…came to heal the broken hearted….”

A.  Our Heart has believed lies from our past and this influences the choices we make.

1.  We were all told things by our parents, siblings, peers and those around us during our early years.  Were all these things said about us true?  Why or why not? Our Heart has believed those ‘half-truths and lies’ others said about us….and we act on those beliefs.  Remember everything comes out of our heart.

2.  The other problem with these ‘half-truths and heart lies’ is the enemy’s voice that adds to the deception.  Learn not to agree with the enemy!

3.  If you need some help with some of those belief systems your heart still holds onto, read our next post on ‘Emotions and Beliefs – Destructive Thinking Patterns’.

B.  How do I restore that Communication?

1.  We often need to get back to the ‘injury site’ where the heart took in the lies or was traumatised.  Example of Ross:  totally shut down his emotions from one event.

2.  That means we need to give our Heart time and space to hear and deal with the events in the Lord’s way rather than bury the emotions and the Heart’s pain.

C.  So how does Hurt get into our Heart? 

1. The process works like this:

My heart gets traumatised, such as being hit by a ‘bat’ and wounded as a child.  This caused a physical and an some emotional blow.  Satan, our adversary and Father of Lies, inserts a lie into our mind, such as “My Sister doesn’t love me because she hit me with that bat.”  The lie seems reasonable at the time.  Because the heart is bruised, the lie is able to take root…..and the heart the lie in!

Further, because we are in pain, some ‘treasure’ seems especially good for ‘pain relief’.  We therefore enjoy the treasure and the heart swallows it up and makes it part of itself.  The treasure can be physical (chocolate), emotional (fear), intellectual (my Sister hates me – revnege) or spiritual (a demonic presence in our life).

2.  We could summarise this process with this flowchart:

We get hurt by something that happens to us —– > Temptation to believe half-truths or out right lies  —— > Our Heart allows that hurt in  —– > Our Heart makes a judgement of some sort:  “She doesn’t love me.”   —— >  The Heart gets angry, sad, annoyed, etc.  —–> The Heart allows unforgiveness to settle in  ——– >  We now have an unforgiving heart  ——- > The enemy has a legal right with the ungodly attitudes  —– > spiritual bondages develop  —– >  all kinds of problems result.

C.  The heart MUST BE willing to Deal with its Issues.

1.  We need to learn to listen to our heart.

Medical science tells us that about 80% of all disease is psychosomatic – meaning we carry the causes of the disease in our lifestyle.

Much of this kind of illness is related to judgements, unforgiveness or bitterness.  Learn to heal the lifestyle rather than cure the physical symptom.

2. When we don’t listen to our heart, it often tries to ‘gain our attention’ by developing physical symptoms in the body. 

We need to hear our heart’s messages – but not necessarily obey what our heart tells us to do.  We need to work with our heart – not against it!

3. Be aware of your heart’s reactions when you start to work on ‘heart issues’.

If the heart says “NO” to working on issues, respect this.  Often, the heart does not fully trust the Lord, so you may need to work through that blockage first.  Remember, the heart is not particularly religious; it may not even know who Jesus really is!

4.  Since most of our heart is hidden from us, we need to find out what is in our’ storeroom’.  Just like the Lord, your heart is always trying to talk with you.

Since it doesn’t use ordinary language, you need to understand how your heart talks to you.  One way we find out what is in our heart is through ‘messengers’ we call emotions.  For most of us, these messengers have been buried, forgotten or so suppressed that we don’t recognise our heart talking to us.

Continue with us as we next look at some Guidelines to use for Inner Healing.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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