9/1 Welcome to this new series on our blog about Hearing God!

Welcome back!  We are combining several very important concepts in this new series. 

We plan on talking about the Heart and the journey to help our heart be healed and follow Jesus.  For many people, even to know that we each one have a ‘spiritual’ heart is a revelation.  Then to find out that our heart can be in a variety of conditions adds to the ‘ahaaa…’.

So what is the condition of your heart…broken, shattered, in intensive care, bleeding to death, splattered against the wall …. or have you learned how to have a healthy hear?  We shall present ways to get in touch with your heart to find out ‘its condition’.

…but we won’t just leave you there.  Jesus can to heal the broken hearted ….but how?  There are ways to help your heart allow Jesus to touch and heal you.  Then  if, your heart is on the journey to talk with you and to receive healing, does your heart believe the Good news of the Gospel….or is religion and ‘being churched’ hard work?  The gospel Jesus brought is Good news but our heart must believe it.

Finding the true Gospel of Grace versus working hard to please God is essential for your heart …but then what does your heart do when it has to face more pain in your life?  What is the purpose of pain in God’s addenda?

Yes, it is a journey but we have examples all around us and in the story found in Deuteronomy that are for our example on how to live today, 1 Corinthians 10:1-14

So when we have learned that we have a heart that it is in some ‘condition’, then we can know Jesus came to heal and restore us back to God on this journey.

However, we don’t want to just leave us ‘navel gazing’; we are called to share this gospel.  So…why does out heart seem to have trouble doing this? … or maybe it’s just something I had to work through?  …but I doubt it.  We all want to do that…but…. we need to know about what prevents us from following Him.  Why doesn’t our heart share with others about this amazing Jesus we know?  We’ll find the answers to some of these questions as we ‘Call our Heart to Follow the Lord’.

It actually comes down to the heart’s willingness to hear and follow Him.  Our heart can stop us from the kind of walk with our Creator that brings wholeness.  Only when we know our heart’s true condition can we “call” our heart to be different.  So what does that mean?

What does our heart really believe about God?  Does He want to talk to us?  Do we believe we are worthy of His love?  What about our personal self worth?  Can we choose to see ourselves the way He does.  What Heart lies need to be replaced with His truth?  We must know who He really is to follow Him.

The challenge is to surrender to His Lordship.  To BE versus to DO……to follow Him, so what is the goal He sets for us ….to follow Rules and religion in life?  What does it mean to be conformed to His image as that is God’s goal?

Then how do we get and keep our heart on track so can impact others and have what they want?  We’ll discuss these and other topics in our next posts together.  If you want to jump ahead as see more about your own Heart, catch us on  where we talk about the seven different parts of your personality.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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