8/8 Heaven will be Beyond this present Physical Space, Time and Place

Asking where heaven exists is a little like asking where the center of the universe is. In fact, the universe doesn’t have a center, since everything is moving away from every other thing. The Bible indicates that heaven does not exist in this universe, but is God’s abode.

Here are some very interesting points about Heaven, adapted from the website: ‘Evidence for God’

In fact, the Bible indicates that even the highest heavens (of this universe) cannot contain God.21 Since we human beings are restricted to the space time dimensions of this universe, we can never go in a spaceship and find heaven, since it is not any place to which we can travel.

A.  We will live in a Physical and Spiritual Perfect Place

1. After the time of the Beast and the Antichrist in the end days, Creator God will create again.

This time it will be an entirely new universe, a new heavens and earth.8  The new universe will have entirely different physical laws. Here are some of the differences that stand out:

a. The new earth will have no sea8

b. There will be no Sun or moon.

Therefore gravity will either be absent or significantly reduced in the new creation. 10  Without gravity, the new creation would not be bound to its source of heat and light. The lack of the Sun is not a problem for the new creation, since the Bible tells us that the glory of God Himself will provide illumination.13

c. No more death, suffering, pain11

Although there is described a tree – the tree of life – that bears fruit in heaven, it doesn’t seem to be there for eating. In fact, the Bible says, “the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”18 Given all the violence and genocide that has been perpetrated on the earth over the centuries, there will be need for healing among all the people groups.

d.  We will have a new body12

Gnostics of all kinds (Platonists, Buddhists, Hindus, Spiritualists, Manichaeans) say we will become pure spirits, angels, for they do not know the dogma of Creation. Pagans and Muslims say we will have earthly bodies and harems or happy hunting grounds.

Christians say we will have transformed bodies, but real, physical bodies, as Christ had after his resurrection. His body could be touched and could eat. Yet it could come and go as he pleased, with neither walls nor distance as an obstacle. It was the same body he had before he died, and it was recognized as such by his friends. Yet it was so different that at first they did not recognize him.

I think our new resurrection body will be related to the body we have now in the same way that our current body is related to the body we had in our mothers’ wombs. If a fetus saw a picture of itself at the age of twenty, it would at first not recognize itself, so unforeseen and surprisingly new would it be. Yet it is the same self, even the same body, now grown radically more mature.

Second, in Heaven our comprehension of the nature of God will be greatly expanded. The apostle Paul says that “though now we see through a glass darkly,” then we shall “see face to face” and “shall know fully, as we are known” (1 Corinthians 13:12).

B.  We will not be subject to the same laws of physicals we now know on Earth  

1.  Since heaven is where God lives, it must contain more physical and temporal dimensions than those found in this physical universe that God created.

In John 20:19,26 we find Jesus walking through walls and locked doors to reach the disciples. Elsewhere in the Bible we read about angels that appear and disappear. We will be able to travel anywhere instantly.

2.  The Bible says God was not created, but has existed from eternity past to eternity future.

The Bible also suggests God created time and was acting before time began.  According to particle physics and relativity, at least ten dimensions of space existed at the creation of the universe (2).

Three of these dimensions (plus time) formed the space-time manifold that we can directly observe. The other six of these dimensions exist within the universe as incredibly compact dimensions of space. God must be able to operate in all of those ten dimensions plus more in order to have created the universe.

3. It is possible that God created the universe out of some of the dimensions of space and time which are not visible to us (3). 

4. The God of the Bible is invisible.

He cannot be seen except if He reveals Himself to us in a three-dimensional form that we can see. A being which exists in dimensions beyond our three spatial dimensions would be invisible to creatures (us) that can only exist in the confines of our universe (4).”

The Bible says that God exists outside the dimensions of this universe, creating both the spatial and temporal dimensions under which it operates. The God model described above shows that such an entity can see and interact with everything that happens in a lesser dimensional universe, such as ours.

Not only can He interact anywhere within such a universe, but He can act at any time – past, present or future – during the history of that universe. God never runs out-of-time or is limited by it. God truly is amazing, and His abilities probably extend far beyond what has been described here.

(Material from this post has been adapted from ‘Evidence for God’ )

In our next post, I’ll share with you some of YouTube videos about the subject of Heaven.

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