8/15 One Interesting comment on the series & Sources

The following was an interesting comment on the Covenants of God.  As we get the truth from our head down into our heart, our life will be changed.  Here is one view:

“I totally agree on your comments. I am beginning to understand and know what that authority in Christ means. I am amazed at how Christians, including me, have not taped into what we were created to be.

“We are made in the image of God. Wow! There is so much that comes with that. We can barely understand how and what we are. The key is our obedience and Faith in Christ. We need to learn to listen and act on our calling or His need and or request.

“He has so much for us. He wants to mold us, share with us and help us. He is waiting on us to ask. We are His ambassadors and that comes with rights and privileges that are awesome and really unlimited in Christ.

“Why don’t we as Christian’s know this? Why do we slumber in our Christian walk? There is a battle going on. To delude Christians to believe we have no authority, no hope, no source of power, that we are weak. But, Christ tell us that we are so much more.

“Let’s take hold of God’s Promises. Let us become who we truly are through Jesus. Let’s take back the territory the enemy has taken, the people that are in chains, blinded by the delusion.”

Thanks Mark for sending me your comments.  Remember everyone, I do welcome comments and even reprint some!  Join us for our next series “Calling our Heart to Follow the Lord”!  We will explore some of Mark’s comments in this series too.

Sources used in this Series on the Covenants:

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Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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