8/11 What can we learn from Hearing God and His Covenants?

 A.  In studying the Old and New Testament Covenants God has given to individual people, we can learn many important truths about the invisible God we worship:

1.  The covenants give us a progressive, intimate revelation of God’s nature and character through His dealings with mankind. We can see how this revelation is important for us today to know His nature and character.

2.  We can gain an overview of the history of Israel, their failures and successes.

3.  We can see the results when Israel broke the covenant relationships….and how that applies when we break with our Covenant with the Lord Jesus.  There were and still are consequences to turning our back on His conviction power.

4.  We view the progressive redemptive story, as God paints His side of the story; the reasons why Jehovah acted as He did.   These reasons include His dealing with us today.

5.  Each covenant sets the stage for God to put in place His holy, righteous Standards.  Since only God Himself was capable of meeting these requirements, He had to become Flesh, John 1:1.  Jesus became the sacrificial offering, thus meeting Jehovah’s requirements.

6.  Each covenant adds foundational truths about the Messiah, the Christ.  These are also truths we need to know about the Lord we serve today.

7.  Since all that happens to covenant partners, it is also an example to us, 1 Corinthians 10:6, we can learn to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

B.  The story of Israel is a living parable for us to learn from today, 1 Corinthians 10:1-14.

Their story is recorded to teach us:

      1.  ‘……to keep from setting our heart on evil things as they did’, verse 6

      2.  ‘… flee from Idolatry….’, verse 14.

      3.  ‘…to test the Lord as they did…’ verse 9,

      4.  ‘…. not to grumble….’ verse 10

C.  During this time, God’s chosen nation went through a continually repeated five-step pattern:

1.         They follow their pagan neighbours and fall into idolatry,

2.         Their sin results in some form of servitude to a foreign nation,

3.         They cry out to God in their torment,

4.         He provides salvation through a judge (later king),

5.         The People and the Land enjoys a period of silence and rest.

The nation repeated this pattern for seven major cycles.  Then, judgement was pronounced and the divided nation went into captivity.  Today, many people repeat these same steps, often ending up in ‘captivity’ in our own personal ‘slavery’ to some element of sin …. until we get ‘sick and tired or being sick and tired…’ as we return to our Maker.

We can learn much from the story of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament.  Their journey mirrors the Christian walk in many, many ways.  Take time to read through their history and see the points where the Holy spirit convicts you of following the same idols, the same pagan notions of the world around you.

In our next two posts, we will present a review and wrap-up of this series on Hearing God and the Covenants of God.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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