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7/5 Hearing God and knowing our Spiritual Authority

If you were with Jesus when He was here on Earth, there would be no doubt something was different about Him. Sure, He related to the common people more, which made the religious leaders jealous.

However, what really set Him apart from all the other religious teachers was the authority He used and the reactions from the realm of the demonic. Jesus heard from God and Satan’s forces had no doubts about His power over them. He was sent to destroy the works of the enemy and that He did just be being who He was.

Some might wonder why that ‘power’ is not more evident in our world today. I deeply believe that if the body of Christ really knew and practiced their authority and ‘power’ in Christ today, we would have a vastly different universe. Let me tell you the story of about one of the early employees of Walk Disney:

Every month with her paycheck, ‘Doris’ would be given a share in the Disney business -then only a small backyard company.  ‘Doris’ would just shove the shares into a drawer and forget about them.

The years when by and Doris retired into old age and poverty.  At her death, her poor relatives gathered to clear out her papers and guess what they found!  Yes… shares in Walt Disney Company – worth millions today.  Yet Doris never knew the worth of her inheritance.

How many Christians live their live is this same way…not know the inheritance they have as the children of a loving Father God.


1. The Greek differentiates between the right or the authority to use power (‘exousia’) and the power itself (‘dunamis’).

In Matthew 28.18 is ‘exousia’ is used to show ‘authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, privilege, right and strength’, or the right to act and the power to act or to command. Authority is closely linked with the concept of power. The KJV uses the word power rather than authority

“He called the twelve together and gave them power (dunamis) and authority (exousia) over all the demons … “. (Luke 9.1)

2.  All authority comes from our Creator.

His authority levels have existed since creation. Adam and Eve were given authority and dominion over the Garden and God’s creatures. They then gave this authority to the snake by obeying his suggestions.

3. There is still a clear authority structure to follow.

Authority flows from the Father to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to Christ over the Church, as husbands to Christ, as wives to husbands, as children to parents, as workers to their boss. We find patterns for us as citizens to the state – “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” (Romans 13.1)

This is for our protection as well as for unity and harmony in the world. In fact because of Lucifer, Adam and Eve’s rebellion, the central question for all humans is ‘who has the authority to have the authority’? Many of the conflicts in life revolve around authority, control and dominance. If we can understand the function of human authority, we will more easily grasp the principles of the believer’s authority.

4. Mankind also exerts authority over one another (Matthew 8:9-13).

The centurion who talked with Jesus understood this. The mayor of the city, the chairman of the board, the president of the company, the husband of the home, the fire and police all have positions of authority. We cannot even imagine an army without a structure of command. Without these basic authority structures there would be anarchy and chaos.

Certainly there are questions when authority and power are abused. Even here we are given Biblical guidelines on how to handle abusive authority. Each person will answer to God for the way they have exercised power and authority, especially within His church.

5. Satan claims authority over all the kingdoms of the world.

Jesus didn’t challenge this statement. He actually confirmed it later by saying, “….the ruler of this world will be cast out,,,,,”. (John 12.31). A time is coming when Satan will be bound (Revelation 20.1-3) and Christ will rule the world (Zechariah 14.9), but currently Satan still holds authority over the world and he will give ‘great authority’ to the coming world dictator (Revelation 13.2).

Above the levels where human authority exists, there is a spiritual realm occupied by spiritual forces. There are spirit beings who, through the fall of man in Eden, have gained a place where they are able to dominate mankind. However, even these demonic spirits are themselves under authority. Satan is the head of a vast hierarchy of principalities, powers, rulers, and forces of spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). To have true Godly authority, one must be under authority.

In our next post on Hearing God, we will talk about where Jesus’ authority came from and what He expected His disciples to do with the authority He gave them.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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