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7/3 The Blessings of Hearing God that come with this Covenant

In our last post, we introduced the Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ that touches all the Jesus Followers, past, present and future.

In this post, we continue with the foundations of this Covenant, including the ‘Good News’ Jesus brought about a new relationship with Jehovah God.

One of the best parts of the Good News that Jesus brought is the added depth of knowledge and wisdom about ‘The Kingdom of God’.

1.  Jesus brought new revelation about God’s Kingdom.

Jesus Christ did not only come to bring us Salvation but also to give us news about ‘the Kingdom of God’, Matthew 4:23-25, 9:35, 10:1-42, 24:14.  This includes all the promises to the Church and to the Bride, who have been translated from the ‘Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light’.  Jesus’ teaching covers all the basic laws and principles of this Kingdom.

2.  In God’s kingdom, the two new great Commandments include and surpass the Ten Commandments of the Law.  “…..To love the Lord your God with all your heard, Mind, soul and strength…..”  …and the second, “….to love your neighbour as yourself….”

Thus all our ‘good works’ are wasted unless we obey the Lordship of Jesus.  We learn to ‘walk by the Spirit’ as the Holy Spirit teaches and guides us.

3.  This Good news brought blessings for those outside the Jewish faith for the first time – the Gentiles.

In the beginning of His ministry, Jesus was ‘restricted’ in His involvement with the Gentiles, both in His own teachings and that of His followers, Matthew 10:1-8.

However, when the Jewish nation as a whole refused God’s plan for His Messiah, Paul and others were sent to the Gentiles; Jesus’ work opened the door for everyone to hear and received this Good News.  “God isn’t mad at us humans anymore.  It’s safe to come back” – that’s the heart of the gospel.

4.  We were given the blessings through the Promise of the Holy Spirit

Old Testament prophets spoke of the ‘out pouring of the Spirit’, which was fulfilled in the book of Acts.  The young Church learned about ‘walking in the Spirit’, the gifts and ministries for believers.  We have been given a ‘down payment’ (10%) now, of God’s Promises for the Future.  Then we shall know the Spirit without measure, Ephesians 1:14.

5.  The blessings of Wholeness and Healing

The prophets also foretold the Messiah’s great healing ministry.  The OT saints had experienced touches of healing, as Israel had been given terms for healing within their covenants as well.

However, the New Covenant saints experienced healings as never before in history.  In addition to the spiritual and physical healings, miracles were and still are involved with the New Covenant.  Deliverance, one of the greatest blessings for NT believers, frees us from the demonic power feared in past generations.

6.  The future promises of Resurrection and Eternal life with Him

Ever since Adam and Eve broke their covenant, sin and death, disease and decay have plagued mankind.  In Christ Jesus, the power of Sin has been broken, allowing His life to flow through us.

These are some of the many blessings we can receive as we step into being a ‘Jesus Follower’.  Our heart and spirit begin a journey that will bring growth and health to our whole life.

However, there were also consequences for those who rejected and turned their back on the Way our Creator planned.  These are the ‘Promises of Curses’ to those who refuse to hear and respond to the Good News offered by the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

Join us in our coming posts to look at some of these very serious consequences of rejecting ‘The Way’ that our Creator offers.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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