7/13 Summary and Conclusion for the Covenant with Jehovah and Jesus Christ

As we bring this part of our series on the Covenants made between our Creator and Jesus Christ, it will help us to wrap up with a summary.

Jehovah God has had one great purpose since before the Creation of the Earth:  to redeem a wrecked and ruined world, a sin defiled creation.  Two alternatives were presented to Man:  Choose God and His way or choose pride and Self-reliance, the pleasures of this passing world.

To bring this Great Rescue Plan into being, our Creator made Seven major covenants.  Each one ended or passed onto the next agreement.  All these ‘agreements’ made were broken in some degree, which leads us to the Covenant made between God and Jesus Christ, the Seventh Covenant.

1.  Way back in the book of Genesis, a Messiah, the seed of a woman, was promised to rescue the human race from the actions of Adam and Eve.

Jehovah chose the right time – when Israel was under the cruel Roman rulers.  Even the right place was set – in a very poor city, Bethlehem and in a humble manger.  This Saviour, Messiah was born into our human existence.

As we have seen in the YouTube videos, living under the Roman rule was not an easy existence for any foreign peoples but especially the Jewish population.

Based on Jesus’ perfect life, His death and His resurrection, Jehovah could begin a ‘new creation’.  He calls us ‘Jesus’ Bride’, His church, His holy temple and many other things.  Jesus brought us ‘acceptance in the beloved’, a community of believers.  He brought reconciliation with God and the whole human race.

2.  We are reconciled to God.

That reconciliation happened not because He expected us to be ‘good enough’ to please Him – because we never will.  It happened because we take Jesus for who He is – our Way back to peace with God.  We take this ‘saving’ by our faith in His promises.  That’s why it is so amazing; we don’t have to ‘do’ anything to earn His acceptance except to accept His Way.  This is what this Seventh Covenant established for the whole human race – if only they would accept His love and grace.

Jesus of Nazareth boldly asserted that He Himself was the central theme in Jehovah’s plan.  He was the Messiah, come to reign and rule a redeemed people, who would restore a broken and sinful mankind to their God.  Only Jesus and His love could turn the human heart to God.

One day He will come to reign and rule a redeemed people, to set the stage for judgement and for the final and Eight Covenant, the agreement that will take us into Eternity!

3.  However, Father God – as the Lord Jesus now pictures our Creator – hasn’t finished yet. 

The last and final Covenant is the ‘Everlasting Covenant’ made with the Father, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In our next and final part of this series on the Covenants of God, we set out this agreement that will see us into eternity.  What will it be like and what are the terms of such an unbreakable, everlasting covenant?  Join us for the next part of our series on the Covenants of God!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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