7/10 The New Covenant and the promises of cursing to those who reject hearing from God

In our previous post, we looked at the blessings we received when we ask Jesus into our lives.   These amazing promises include forgiveness of past, present and future sin, of pardon, wholeness, adoption, freedom from demonic influence, healing and restoration to a loving Father God.

However, whenever anyone really hears the Good News and deliberately, constantly turns their back on the love offered by our Creation, consequences happen.  This is what the Bible calls a ‘curse’.

The Concept of Curses:

1.  Curses were introduced when Adam fell from his relationship with Jehovah, thus giving the serpent the authority to rule in his place.

Because Satan is still the ruler of this present stage in history, we live under ‘a curse’ of this disobedience and rebellion also …. that is until we come to Jesus.  The consequences of sick and wicked actions by ourselves and others still affect our life and the world we know around us.  Evil does exist.

2.  The results of a curse can also seen in Matthew 11:21-24 for those of Jesus’ own people who have rejected Him. 

3.  All nations who reject God’s Way are under this curse.

Not only is there a pronouncement of the Jewish nation cursed for turning from Him but also all nations who reject God.  Even though the Humanism idealism says that we are ‘advancing’ as a species, the increased number of wars, pollution and other evils around us show that if anything, the human race is lost without His guidance and wisdom.

4.  A final pronouncement of a ‘curse’ will come with the final judgement of those who have turned away from God.

This judgement will be carried out at the ‘Great White Throne’ where the wicked will be banished to the lake of fire for eternal damnation, Matthew 25:31-46, Revelations 14:9-11, 20:11-15.

How sad this final judgement will be as God never intended humans to join with the evil forces in their final downfall.  He reaches out to everyone.  His love has provided a way through the fires of hell and living an eternal existence outside the presence of our Creator.  This is hell itself.

As I write this post, I deeply pray that anyone reading these words will have taken warning …. will have chosen to yield and follow the God of Love as revealed in the Bible.  If you do not know Him, please find someone who does … or even contact me.  I would be overjoyed to help you find that deeper walk with Him.  (sf7272@bigpond.com)  This is the whole purpose for this blog and …. my walk as a Jesus Follower!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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