7/1 The New Covenant with Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ

The New Covenant made between Jehovah, Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ


 We continue this series on the Great Covenants Jehovah Elohim made with certain men throughout history.  So far we have seen the beginnings of all Covenants, made before Adam and Eve rebelled and brought misery on the whole human race.

However, God’ great rescue plan was not finished with the human race.  Next, we discussed the plan to bring mankind back under His protection from the enemy that entered the Garden of Eden – the Covenant with Adam.

However, even this covenant was not complete.  Jehovah took certain parts of the previous two covenants and built a third covenant with Noah.  Mankind had so deprived and degenerate that our Creator had been sorry He had created the human race.  Idolatry was everywhere, including sacrifices of children and demonic interbreeding.

 Noah’s covenant included the Great flood and huge changes in the climate and geography of the Earth.  For the first time, wine became fermented and humans were given the provision of eating meat.

However, even this covenant pointed to the next one, taking certain promises and including them into Jehovah’s fourth Great Covenant, with Abraham.  This was a covenant of new beginnings as God chose Abraham and Sarah to begin a new line of descendants that resulted in the 12 tribes of Israel …. and the 12 tribes of Ishmael!

One of the greatest promises for the slave tribes in Moses’ day came with the next Covenant, the covenant with Moses, the Lawgiver.  Part of the Mosaic Covenant was the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20, but also the rest of the law which contained over 600 commands—roughly 300 positive and 300 negative. They were promised a land of their own but had to take each step to conquer the land.  Jehovah had promised to drive out the idolatrous inhabitants before them, if only they would believe.

This led to the Covenant with Joshua as they entered their promised land – after 40 years wandering in the wilderness.  The people were given certain promises and conditions and this was Jehovah’s land.  Again, without a heart change, 7 major cycles of rebellion and captivity brought the people to demand a king.  A humble shepherd boy was chosen and Jehovah made a covenant with King David.

 However, some 7,000 years since Adam and Eve’s descendants were born, the human race is still in need of Jehovah’s Great Rescue plan.  God become flesh and entered the human race as Jesus of Nazareth, thus establishing the Greatest Covenant.  All the previous Covenants with Jehovah were established and fulfilled with this New Covenant and the promises made for us as Jesus Followers.

In our coming posts, we examine this ‘New Covenant’ made between Jehovah God and Jesus the Christ, immediately prior to His death at Jerusalem.  Through Jesus, this covenant includes the 12 Apostles, who represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

 Jesus’ covenant became the fulfilment of all seven previous covenants, abolishing their temporal elements.  This New Covenant makes possible the 9th covenant, the ‘Everlasting Covenant’, taking us into eternity.  This ninth and final covenant completes the cycle of covenantarelations between Jehovah and mankind.

 The Covenant of Jesus brings the earlier covenants into sharper focus, at long last revealing the promised Messiah.  The preaching, teaching, healing and saving ministry of Jesus brought a new revelation of a loving Father God, patiently waiting for His people to seek relations with Him.  Jesus reveals Jehovah as just, yet loving and gracious, not demanding nor legalistic; a God of grace after Jesus’ work was accomplished.

 So join us as we continue this series and head to the final Covenant, the Everlasting, Eternal Covenant our loving Creator that will find us living without time and space in the never ending rule of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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