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6/3 Hearing God in David’s Covenant with Jehovah

So far we have set the background for our next covenant with Jehovah.  The time of King David was a new chapter in the people chosen history!  However, before we continue with the Covenant between David and Jehovah-Hosenu (The Lord our Maker, Psalms 95:6), we need to see some of David’s own background and his relationship with his God.


1.  The people wanted a King….just like all the other nations around them.

We can see from His promises made in past covenants, Jehovah did wish to establish a kingship line yet.  The people were not ready for the obedience and sacrifice having a King would mean.

The Creator also had a ‘theocratic monarchy’ in mind, not a secular one.  The Creator and Protector would be at the centre of their world, with other set officials to carry out the needs of the people.

However, due to their cycles of disobedience, Israel did not wait for God’s timing to establish this kingdom; they jumped ahead of God.  They chose instead to elect a man named Saul to be king.

2.  Saul showed his true heart by being disobedient to Jehovah.

The Creator gave instruction on how to deal with the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 15.  These were a violent, idolatrous tribe of people who sacrificed their own children in the fires of Molack.

So, Jehovah chooses a shepherd boy, David, son of Jesse, 1 Samuel 1-13.  Jehovah had already taught David many lessons, which would help him in the role of King.

We pick up David’s story after the prophet / priest Samuel anointed David even before Saul leaves the throne.

“There I stood, among my seven brothers, the youngest.  I was called from the mountain fields where I kept the sheep.  Then the great prophet, Samuel walked over to me….to me.  He had journey all the way from Bethlehem…to see my family! …to see my father Jesse.  He invited them all to consecrte themselves and come to ther sacrifice with him!  We really had no idea what he was there for but they all obeyed this man of God.

“All my brothers were sent before Samuel, expecially my tallest, best looking brother.  Samuel felt the Lord God reject all of them … all seven and then he asked for the last, the youngest brother, for me.  Me?  I was just a shepherd boy, sunbrowned by the days in the mountains.  Yes, I did have some of my father’s good looks but who was I?

I had tried to tell my family about the lion and a bear I had killed and saved our sheep.  I learned many lessons while I sat with Jehovah under the stars….but this …..?

“Samuel would not start the meal or the sacrifice until I enter the room.  I could tell by the looks from my father and my brothers that something important was happening.

“I held my breath, as I am sure everyone in the room was doing.  All my other brothers had been rejected by Samuel; now it was my turn.  I dared not look into his eyes but he looked deep into my heart.

“Then I hear his voice, quiet at first, but then louder as he spoke to everyone in the room.  To the astonishment of everyone, even my mother, Samuel arose, took the horn of oil and anointed me.  I knelt in my amazement.  I can still remember the feel of the oil on my head, running down onto my coat.  From that day on, I would feel Jehovah’s power and guidance and my life was changed forever!

“The rumours started later.  King Saul, the one chosen by the people began to lose his authority and power to rule our people.  Someone from our village told King Saul about my musical ability and since he was deeply troubled and restless, he sent for me.  Again a mere shepherd boy, living in the palace and playing my harp for the King….

“Our enemies did not leave us to rest.  The Philistines on one side and Amalakites waiting round the mountain….all glad that King Saul seemed to be slipping.  They even sent their best warrior, a giant of a man named Goliath, to fight our warriors.  How brazen they were in daring the God of all Creator to bow to their god!  Who ever killed him would be given great wealth and …..Saul’s daughter, Merab as a wife.  What? ……and no one ventured to challenge this Goliath!

“I was overcome with the Spirit of the Lord and with a righteous indignation.  No one seemed brave enought to face these defiant, idol worshipping, degraded men!  I knew what Jehovah asked of me.  With my sling and a small rock, my people were victorious over this giant.

“However, there were great times being in the Palace.  I made a deep friendship with Saul’s son, Jonathan.  My friendship also grew for Saul’s other daughter, Michel.  I learned later that Merab had been ‘given’ to another …. but I was too young to think about married any way.

“”I had a keeing that my time in the Palce was changing.  I could feel Saul’s eyes on me as he seemed less and less soothed by my music.  I prepared myself as I could feel his jealousy of me grew and grew, no matter what I did.

“Even his officers in his army seemed to follow me with admiration as I grew in strenth and skill in battle.  It soon seemed that all of Israel and Judah began to look to me as campaign after campaign, we had victory over our enemies.

“…and so that leads me to where I am today.  Saul’s jealousy become so great, he tried to kill me.  I had to quickly say goodbye to my friend, Jonathan and flee the Palace and the city.  I now hide in the caves and wait on Jehovah’s plans for me.”

This deep bond between David and Saul’s son, Jonathan, creates tension with Saul and David.  Even the army seems to favor David and soon, he is forced to leave the palace, running for his life.

3.  David passed God’s test of honouring King Saul

By now, King Saul was murderous in his heart toward David.  As Israel’s true leader, David does not take justice into his own hands, but waits for God’s timing for him to be king.  It is with David that the Age of Prosperity and the growth of Jehovah’s nation develops.  Although David’s heart may have been soft toward God, his rule was one of both glorious victories and resounding calamities.


David led his people into worshipping Jehovah and restoring the proper order of the Tabernacle.  He also honoured God by his military victories.  David designs and wants to build God a permanent home in a temple, instead of the Tabernacle of Moses.

In our next post we continue David’s story in his fateful meeting with the beautiful Bathsheba.  Will he stand true to his Creator’s will and be obedient in this great test that many of us face even today?  Join us for our next post,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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