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6/1 Intro to The Kingdom Covenant with David and Hearing God

In this series of posts, we have been looking at our Creator, Jehovah Eloah, as One who makes and keeps Covenants with mankind.  In fact, we can see Nine major covenants throughout human history. 


As we look through the Bible, we can find at least 9 major covenants Creator God made with individuals:

1.  First, with Man in the Garden of Eden, a time of Innocence,

2.  With Adam and Eve, after sin entered the Garden, a time when Conscience can into force.

3.  Next, a Covenant between God and Noah, after the Great Flood, the time of Human Government,

4.  With Abraham, the Father of the Nation of Israel, and on to his son, a time of Promise,

5.  With Moses, the Lawgiver after Israel left Egypt, a time of Law,

6.  The Covenant with Joshua as they entered the Promised Land, a time of Conquest and Settlement,

7.  With King David, as God set up the kingdom, and onto the nation, a time of Prosperity and Growth,

8.  The New Covenant with the Lord Jesus, a time for Salvation for the Gentiles, Church and the Preparation of the Bride,

9.  The Everlasting Covenant, for the Eternity of all Mankind, a time for Judgement and Restoration, fulfilling the eternal purposes of God.

Yet, how does the Rightful Creator of the Universe introduce Himself to a blinded, willful Creation?  After all He is Jehovah God, the One who sets out the balances between the great waters of the Earth and the land.  He was the One who created the dinosaurs, the fragile butterfly and the giant rain forests.

How does this all-powerful, all-knowing, eternally existing Creator deal with mankind?  How does He deal with those who, although deceived and blinded to His existence, gave away their birthright?

How does He who is Infinite, who rules the heavens in love, be comprehended by a fragile, finite clay vessel?  How can He reach the wicked, deceived heart and bring reality to His creation – all without breaking man’s will or damaging their already corrupted spirit?  Yes, how indeed?


We began with this series the Covenant at the beginning of time, a Covenant made between God and Himself to establish a spiritual realm, a creation, and a people of His own. It was unbreakable because the Creator made it for eternith.   The all-gracious Creator had a Plan!   …. Then one Archangle rebelled….

So far, we have covered Six of the Nine major Old Testament covenants Jehovah God made with individuals.  We began with the Garden of Eden covenant before sin entered the World.  Second was the covenant with Adam and Eve in a world affected by sin, death and decay, the beginning of an Age of Conscience.  Next, Noah’s covenant gave a new start to mankind with a cleansed Earth and the setting up of Human Government.

Then God made a covenant of Promises with Abraham through Faith and Obedience.  Moses, set out Jehovah’s righteous standards for Israel, thus entering an Age of Law.  Even his generation failed to keep that agreement due to their ‘evil heart of unbelief’.  When Joshua finally entered the Promised Land, the people agreed to conquer and ‘cleanse it’ and then bring Rest to His Land at God’s designated times.

Join us when we begin this Seventh Covenant, one of prosperity and growth, of conquest and war.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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