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#6 …but it just takes too much effort to change

In this series, we have been looking at the reasons why some people aren’t able to hear from their Creator. The first reason, igonrance or wrong theology, can be overcome just be knowing that He does talk to you!   It is possible!

Next we discussed how a wrong view of God can hinder any desire to talk with Him.  A third and all too common reason is that life is too full of distractions and sometimes idolatry take the place of God in our lives.

Then for others, their interest are in other things such as the Occult and things of the hidden kingdom in opposition to God’s kingdom.  The next reason was sadder still as the mistaken view that God is like their earthy dad stops some people finding God.  If their dad was distant, harsh or judgemental, they often believe that is what Creator God must be like.

The Sixth, and sometimes the most painful to face, is that the hurts of the past stop their relationship with the very Person who can heal those hurts.  Anger at God, or judging Him for the wrongs they went through can be a powerful block to finding Him.

Once we make the determination that the Creator exists and that we need that ‘God shaped hole’ in our heart filled by Him, we need to act.  Making the decision – rational or intuitive – required a step in His direction.  Again, here some people find a stumbling block – the enertia of make the change.

How strong is your motivation to change?  It all falls apart if your heart doesn’t want to really change.  Then God can only leave us until we get to the point of ‘being willing to be willing’. We usually have to go around the mountain again until we get ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ and really get on with change!

Change is like crossing a river.  You can stand on one bank of the river and dream about what it would be like to be on the other side of the river all your life.

You can start down the bank and then back-track for fear of the cost of crossing and change.  Some people get to the middle of the river and are paralysed with going on that they stay stuck there for years – trying to change but without the motivation to really change.

Others might get almost across the river of change but give up and return to the safety of what they know on the first side.  However, some people make it all the way across the river and up the other side.  Change for them has brought changes – but life has changes all the time anyway.  They have just reached a place where they wanted to be and hopefully, find God and Peace all wrapped into one package.

How bad do you want to bring change into your life?  What are the blocks and barriers to bring that change in your relationship with Lord?  What keeps you on the other side of the bank when you know you would be better off on the better side?

One interesting approach is to look at the final step – standing on the other side.  What does that feel like?  What will be the benefits of being ‘there’?  What were the final challenges you had to face before you could stand on the other side of the river?  What was the step before that? – climbing up the bank.

What did that feel like and the benefits of walking closer to your Creator?  Then before that…and before that…until you have a plan on how to cross the river….and you know what each stage feels like and the challenge for that step.  By thinking it through from this angle, you can almost see the problems from this side of the bank and gain the confidence that you can reach the other side.

However, if you don’t face your walk with God with such a logical viewpoint, what would it feel like to just step into that river, knowing He is right there beside you.  The Lord will help you take every step on this journey.  Remember He found you but you chose to hear and obey His voice.

Yes, it a whole new world being that ‘New Creation’!  Responding to His call and facing the changes that are needed will be the best thing you ever did!  Life won’t be a bed of roses with the Lord; in fact for some people this walk of love starts more troubles than before … but it well worth it!

What will be your choice? …or if you made that choice once before, have you continued?  Maybe for you reading this post, the conviction comes that you haven’t really ‘crossed that river’. …or worst yet, you are stuck somewhere ‘in both sides of the river’.  Make the decision to jump into obedience and follow the Holy Spirit’s gentle guidance to continue to cross that river and find more peace in your life than you ever thought possible.

Remember: “If you always do what you always done, you’re always going to get what you’re always got.”

Life is an adventure and you only get the space ‘to do Life’ once. The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.  It’s greenest where you water it!

Here’s to you crossing that river and getting to the Lord’s side!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Editor

P.S. Maybe we need to spend some more time and posts on how important the will is in making the decision to follow Jesus.  How is your motivation and will to follow Him at this point?


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