5/7a Entering the Promised Land – the Covenant between Jehovah-Nissi and Joshua

So far we have covered the Four main covenants make by the Creator, Jehovah with individuals for the good of His people.  We began with the first covenant made with ‘Jehovah Elohim’ to have a people for His own.  This began the Greatest Rescue Plan ever designed, with the creation of the cosmos, the Garden of Eden and all the inhabitant, including Adam and Eve.

However, their perfect paridise was invaded with evil seduction and a second convenant was made with Adam and Eve after their disobedience.  As a result to whole of the human race and the Earth has felt this curse for almost 7,000 years.

The when the evil and violance covered the face of the  Earth, Jehovah Elohim found one man to start a people for Himself and the Great Flood destroyed all other life.  Noah’s covenant marked a changed in the Earth’s enviroment and rules governing mankind.

However, since ‘the heart’ and inner nature of the human race was not changed, evil and degradation soon swallowed up the nations with idolatrous practices.  Burning their children to the god of Baal, Molack and other demonic sources caused Jehovah to try once again for a people of His own.  He chose one man again to make a covenant – Abraham, and began a new nation.

Slavery was the out come this time with His people and so Jehovah El-Shaddai found one man, Moses and began the rescue of His nation.  This lead us to the Fifth Covenant with a promise of a ‘Land flowing with milk and honey’.  It is here we pick up the story with Joshua and the nation of Israel, with a new generation ready to take the land.


Moses, on behalf of Israel, made the Law Covenant with Jehovah.  They had seen His miracles bringing them out of Egypt and along their journey – but did trust Him?  Even during their promises to obey, their heart longed for the food & gods of Egypt – and where our treasure is, our heart is also.

A classic example of their lack of trust in God came at Kadesh-Barnea, where the 12 spies brought back news of the marvelous land they had seen.  Their report both encouraged and terrified the Israelites.  Because of their evil hearts of unbelief, Jeremiah 7:24, they were prohibited from entering the Promised Land at that time.

This resulted in desert wanderings not for 40 days – the time it would have taken to get to the Promised Land – but for 40 years. 

This Fifth Covenant was made with Joshua in the land of Moab, with the second generation out of Egypt, Deut. 29:1.  It was given at the end of the 40 years of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness, just before they entered the Promised Land.

This covenant is a reaffirmation of the promises made to Abraham and to Moses.  The Old Testament books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles deal with the fulfilment of those promises to conquer the land.


1.  Who Made the Covenant and why

Jehovah planned to clean out the degenerate pagan practices of idolatry and child sacrifice from the land of Canaan and provide a Holy Land where the Messiah could bring in the New Covenant one day.

The primary focus of this covenant is on Joshua, who had found favour with Jehovah, Moses and the people as their military commander.  This covenant laid out the conditions of entering and keeping their Land of Promise, for all coming generations.  It was a conditional convenant.

The generation that died in the wilderness would not see this Promised Land because of their heart attitudes to Jehovah, ven thought they witnessed miracle and provisions and further miracles.

They has seen the Red Sea parted and the Egyption army drowned.  They had been miraciously feed.   Their clothes  had not worn out, neither had their shoes.  Their every need had been provided ….but still they kept their hard heart of unbelief.

We shall continue the next post looking at Joshua’s story and how he faced His challenges to lead this new generation into more miracles and victories.  Join me then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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