5/6a Covenants for the Promised Land – the Covenant with Moses

In the past posts, we have looked at the Four major agreements between Jehovah-Elohim and the person He chose.  The first covenant was before sin and rebellion entered the Garden of Eden.  This Covenant was made with ‘us’ the three persons of the ‘Godhead’, Genesis Genesis 1:26-28.  Then, we discussed the  second covenant made with Adam and Eve when sin entered and they were removed from this perfect Garden of Eden.

Next, we visited Noah’s time and saw the utter destruction of the world by the Great Flood.  Even here, God gave certain promises and His protection as a small group of people started over.

Then we went onto the incredible promises given to Abraham, Father of Faith, to be a blessing to all People.  This promise passed to his son, Issac and his grandson, Jacob.

In this session we will discuss the next covenant between the Great “I AM THAT I AM” and Moses.  Later we look at His covenant with Joshua, as God establishes and grows a nation in their Promised Land.


Much happened in the 430 years after Jehovah called Abram into the land of Canaan – establishing Faith as the foundation of all covenants, Genesis 11:27-12:8, and the entry of Moses into the Promised Land.

To begin with, all mankind spoke with one language and began to live in cities rather than to repopulate the Earth, Genesis 11:1-8.  We have included a YouTube version of this story in one of our posts.

1.  The (short) Story of Abraham’s lifetime

We are not told why Jehovah, El-Elyon chose Abram in the first place.  However to continue His great Rescue Plan, Terah took his son, Abram, His daughter-in-law, Sarai (Abram’s half sister) and His grandson Lot to go to the land of Canaan.  However they stopped at the city of Haran, until the death of Terah.

It was at this time that Jehovah appeared to Abram with a definite set of instructions:

“Leave your own country behind you and your own people and go to the land I will guide you to.  If you do, I will cause you to become the father of a great nation; I will bless you and make your name famous and you will be a blessing to many others.  I will bless then who bless you and curse them who curse you; and the entire world will be blessed because of you.”  Genesis 12:1-3

a)  How everyone would have snickered or out right laughed because Sarai was barren and now almost beyond her child-bearing years.  Because of Abraham and Sarah’s impatience, a ‘slave-born’ son, Ishmael was born to Hagar, beginning a bitter rivalry between Hebrew and Arab descendants, lasting 4,000 years – right up till today, Genesis 16:1-16.

The Arab people also claim the promises make to Abraham as their ‘Father’ as well, Genesis 25:12-16.  Ishmael fathered 12 sons to continue the Arab nations.

b)  Then Isaac, the ‘son of promise’, was born to Sarai and her name was changed to Sarah.  This was definitely a miracle birth.  However, with the jealousy and rivalry between the two women, Hagar and her son are sent from the community and almost died in the desert.

Jehovah rescues Harag and Ishmael, continued to establish the Arab nation, Genesis chapter 16.

c)  Sarah dies and is buried, then later, Abraham dies  at age 175, Genesis 25:7-10.

2.  The Story after Abraham

a)  Isaac’s twin sons, Esau and Jacob were born.  Their relationship causes a rivalry between the Hebrew, Jacob and Esau, the Edomite nations.  Other interesting stories happened to this family but we don’t have the time or space to repeat them here.  Read Genesis, chapters 12 onwards.

b)  Jacob, now called Israel, fathered 12 sons and one daughter.  These become the Twelves Tribes of Israel, thus starting the Hebrew nation.  Again interesting stories surrounding these happenings, tragically about Dinah, his only daughter, Genesis chapter 34.

c)  Out of jealousy and anger, Joseph, beloved son of Rachel and Israel, is sold into slavery to Egypt by his brothers, jailed and later released, Genesis 37:18-36.

d)  With a famine in Canaan, the family travels to Egypt and is reunited with Joseph, now the Regent of Egypt, a co-ruler with Pharaoh.

e)  Years go by and under a new Pharaoh, the Israelites are made slaves.  From 70 people in Joseph’s day, to the two to three million in Moses’ day, Israel grew into a great nation – of slaves.

3.  Now Moses enters the scene

God raises up Moses, born of Israelite parents, yet educated in Pharaoh’s household, Exodus 2:1-10.  Moses is called to rescue God’s people, given supernatural anointing and sent to Egypt to set Israel free women at computerfrom slavery, so that they may “… worship their God …”. 

Pharaoh refuses. Ten plagues later, the Passover celebration marks the end the people’s slavery.  Moses and the two to three million people depart for the Promised Land.

So we have set the scene for the Fifth covenant with Jehovah, with one person – with Moses.  Come back for our next post and we’ll continue with God’s Great Rescue Plan and how Moses’ Covenant builds on the greatest Covenant with Jesus Christ and Eternity.

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