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5/5b The Covenant Between Abraham and the Creator

In our first post in our discussion between the Creator, El-Elyon and Abraham, we talked about what it might have been like for Abraham as he saw physical evidence of their covenant.  It would have been an amazing sight as Jehovah God visited the field of their covenant in the middle of the night!

Now we continue with this important covernant.  Remember all the covenants are building toward the final, great Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ …. and you!  So join us as we discuss the sacrifice, the seal and how this covenant is fuflilled for us as Jesus Followers.



1.  The Sacrifice to Ratify the Agreement

Abraham was shown a progressive, unfolding sacrificial process, which included:

a)  A comparison of a permanent covenant with one called Melchizedek, Genesis 14:18, Jehovah introduced the symbolism of the bread and the wine,

b)  Abram laid out the animal sacrifices for a Blood Covenant, Genesis 15:7-17.  The fire-pot and the flaming torch signified the Creator’s acceptance and presence.

c)  Later, Abraham was obedient and we see willingness to sacrifice Isaac, Genesis 22.  This was a test for Abraham; Jehovah did not need the life of Abraham’s son to prove obedience.  This event was to establish a precedence for the sacrifice of Jesus.

2.  The Seal of the Covenant

El-Elyon gave the sign of circumcision as the token of their agreement, Genesis 17:11  This was to be the seal – Romans 4:11 and given as a sign of the covenant, Romans 4:11.  The seal involved:

a)  Cutting the flesh of a male baby, shedding of blood, Genesis 17:9-11,

b)  Certain rites and symbolism as a sign of obedience to Jehovah, Genesis 17:9-12, Luke 1:59, 2:21,

c)  This act was laying the grounds for spiritual circumcision of the heart as required in the New Covenant.

This seal of Circumcision was so important that Jehovah faced Moses with a decision:  Circumcise his son or die and be excluded from God’s plans, Exodus 2:23-25, 3:1-6, 4:24-26.  No Israelite or foreigner could partake of the Passover Feast unless they had the seal of circumcision, Exodus 12:43-51.

3.  The Mediator of this Covenant

The beginnings of the priesthood were established with the encounter with Melchizedek, Genesis 14.  He was also a “ … King of righteousness and a King of peace …”, representing both the office of the coming Messiah and the believer’s position in Jesus Christ, Psalms 110, Hebrews Chapter 7.

This continued the priesthood role of Adam, Noah and Job onto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and on to the Levitical priesthood under Moses.   Abraham stepped into this role when he built an altar and offered sacrifices to Jehovah El-Elyon for his family and for Lot in Genesis 18-19.

4. The Place of the Covenant, the Holy Place, sanctuary

All three generations – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – built altars that were later displaced by the Tabernacle that Moses was instructed to build in the wilderness and in the Promise Land.


1.  First, it is fulfilled in Christ

Jesus fulfilled all the requirements for this Covenant, with His own circumcision ritual and naming process, Luke 2:21.  The waters of Jesus’ baptism (Luke 3:21-23) pointed to His death, resurrection and exaltation, thus entering the Promised Land.  Jesus’ experience on Calvary, Acts 2:22-36 with the cutting of His flesh, and the shedding of His blood further completed the requirements for His covenant for us.

2.  Next, the covenant with Abram finds further fulfilment in Christians, as Jesus Followers

By water baptism, the identification with Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and His position of honour with Father, Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:36-41, Colossians 2:11-13, shows we too , like Abraham, have entered into the Promised Land.

Through the circumcision of the Heart, Colossians 2:11-13, Romans 6:1-4, we experience regeneration and sanctification by a cutting off of the ‘fleshly life’, experiencing new life and walking in the Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus.


The covenant with Abraham is fulfilled by the New Covenant, found in the relationship between Jesus and the Father and between Jesus, and us.  Part of the Christian walk is when He circumcises our heart.  It is not through the letter of the Law and obedience to rules and rituals, but by the Spirit’s work in our life.

Abraham’s faith previewed that Jehovah would be a Father to all who believed, whether Jew or Gentile.  This truth is confirmed in the new creation that is brought into being by the circumcision of the heart.  Thus Abraham’s covenant was both physical and spiritual, setting the path for the coming of the next covenant, that of Moses.

In our next post, Jehovah continues to lay the foundations for His Messiah by the promises given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – symbolic, national, geographic, natural and spiritual promises.  From this major covenant, we see the beginnings of a new hope and a new life.  However the term of this New Covenant come with the necessary change to the human heart. 

Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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