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5/4a Hearing God in the Covenant with Noah

In our last session, we discussed the dynamics of our covenant making Jehovah-Elohim and what being in a covenant relationship with Him means.

Our Creator was not caught unawares when sin and rebellion entered Creation.  By establishing the interwoven covenants, God was bringing salvation to the whole of Mankind, enabling us to enter Eternity.

We explored the first covenant between God and mankind, made before the Fall in the Garden of Eden.  Next, we introduced Jehovah’s agreement with Adam and Eve as mankind entered an age of conscience, learning to judge right from wrong (although God did not want them to, but they chose this path).

We included a YouTube video on Cain and Abel to bridge the time between the banishment from the Garden of Eden to the next generations, some 130 years.  Certainly, Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters not listed in the text in Genesis.  It would have been one of Cain’s sisters, cousins, nieces, etc. that he would have married to begin the line that ended at the Flood..

We have even added the classic humorous YouTube story given be Bill Crosby

In this post, we see God’s covenant establishing the right of human government with Noah.  In our next post, we’ll see how Abraham’s covenant with Jehovah God begins ‘an age of promise’.  It was a new beginning when Jehovah-El-Elyon, looked forward in time when people choose to be His own.




1.  The Story of Noah and Jehovah

We know from the Biblical timeline, by the time Noah arrived on the scene some 3,000 years later, we see the consequences of sin let loose on the Earth.

Genesis 4 displays the sorry state of independent mankind with Cain.  Then, during the next 1,600 years, other sons and daughters were born to Adam and Eve – as well as uncles, cousins, nieces, etc. – and the human race spread across the face of the Earth.

Two main family trees can be traced from Adam’s offspring:

1.  We see the generations from Cain followed.

They built cities rather than spread through out the Earth, took multiple wives, lived in tents, became herders with livestock, forged metals such as bronze and iron.  However, murder and violence produced generations of godless men.  This line did not acknowledge their Creator.

2.  Seth is born and replaces the Godly line which leads to Noah.

Through Seth, generations of Godly parents taught their children the requirements of Jehovah, produced men like Enoch, Methuselah and then, Noah.  To such godly people, God committed Himself and His sacred writings by oral tradition.  If you look at their timeline, Adam was still alive when Methuselah and Enoch were born….then came the flood.

Somewhere along the line of human history, we get hints of perversion in the demonic realm as well.  Human girls interbred with the “sons of God”, Genesis 6:1-2, producing offspring from intercourse with evil angels or possibly mixing with Seth’s line.  We won’t speculate on what hese veres mean here however, 2 Peter 2:4 does shed some light on the consequences of this disobedience.

2.  The Building Blocks of God’s Covenants

From the covenant with Adam, we can see at least five major building blocks God would use in future covenants to further cement His plans for the future of mankind.  Genesis is the ‘beginning’, ‘the seed’ book and has the beginning of all doctrines in it:

a)  A sacrificial system was established – an animals’ life was sacrificed, so that God could exchange it for Adam and Eve’s lives.  Their sin and disobedience deserved death.  The dead animal skin provided a covering and protection for them and replaced the self-effort and guilt of ‘fig’ leaves.

b)  In the Garden story, God established the reality of Satan and his evil intend and methods used on the human race.  We are also introduced to the coming judgement on Satan.

c)  A prediction about the coming Rescuer of mankind, the Messiah, was given.  Jesus would be the One who would restore mankind to Jehovah.

d)  God established the right to set limits on man’s destructive abilities.  He separated them from the Tree of life, so they wouldn’t live forever in their sin, Genesis 3:22.



1.  The Earth was filled with Violence and wickedness

As the story continues in Genesis 6 to 10, the Earth became filled with violence and wickedness.  In fact “The Lord was grieved that He had made man on the Earth, and His heart was filled with pain”, Genesis 6:5.  Jehovah began to plan the destruction of all the wicked through a universal flood that would cover the Earth.

2.  Noah found Favour with the Creator by his right living

As with most of the covenants, God approached one Godly Man to share His covenant.  “Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord as he was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God…”. Genesis 6:8-9.  We can only guess at the overwhelming awe Noah felt when God – the Jehovah-Elohim of Creation – approached him.

3.  Noah was told to build ……….an ark?

God instructed Noah to build an Ark, about half the size of a modern ocean liner, or longer than a modern day footfield!

Then, God brought seven of every ‘clean animal’ (a male and its mate) on board and two of every kind of ‘unclean’ animal, plus seven pairs of every kind of bird.  Every  wild animal according to its kind, alllivestock, the creatures that moved along the ground, eveything with wings were brought to Noah.

Room was provided for his wife, each son and wife, 8 people in all, plus enough provisions to feed all them all.  One week later, after everything and everyone was settled ”… the Lord shut him in”, Genesis 6:16.

For the first time ever, rain began to fall —- and it kept on falling for 40 days.  150 days later, the waters began to recede.  The Ark landed gentley on Mount Ararat.  On the 27th day of the second month of Noah’s 601st year, about one year and 10 days later, they left the ark and stepped on dry land, Genesis 8:13-17.

It is hard for us to imagine what when through this families minds as they looked at the new land around them.

We shall continue with the Covenant between the Creator and Noah in our next post.  What might have been his reactions to the command from Jehovah?  We shall present one possible story and how his whole family resisted and then joined Noah in the mamoth project….making an Ark the size of a modern football field!

Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog author

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