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#5 …. But I can’t make the Jump

In our first series, we have been exploring the reasons why some people have trouble hearing from God.  First, we found so far: not knowing they can or wrong theology.  Next, we talked about how some people have a fear of hearing from God because inside, they think God must be like their earthly father – distant, abusive, insensitive.

The third big reason people have touble hearing their Creator is their life is filled with so many other things, idolatry is happening.  Then we opened the discussion about involvement in the occult will stop us hearing Him.  We even had two ebooks as resources for you to explore this topic further.  Check into our Resources category for a ‘Spiritual Housecleaning” worksheet to help too.

Now we come to the fifth reason – we can block out His voice because of the hurts of the past that we still carry.  This can be from an abusive childhood, trauma and hurt as a teen or even into our adult years.  It is so easy to blame those who have hurt us, to stay stuck and not reach out for help.

…but life wasn’t meant to be ‘stuck in the mud’ deal for those who want to grow.  When we reach adulthood, it’s time to take responsibility for our own lives.  The hurt that stopped us as children can be explore, understood and then released.  This will give us a much clearer view of God and of the best way ahead.

With our over 25 years of personal counselling and mentoring experience, we have seen unspeakable, incomprehensible hurts faced and worked through with the great Healer.  He didn’t cause the pain but He is the way through to the healing.

True it doesn’t happen overnight – or sometimes in a year but steady progress is the way forward.  If this is your life, then please give the Great Healer a space to heal the hurts so you can hear His voice more clearly.

Then to those who have tried before to hear God, been hurt and given up … well He is still the answer!  Again you have the responsibility for your own life.  If you could wake up tomorrow morning and everthing was just perfect, what would that be like?  What would have changed?  Can some of those changes be make now?

It’s like a recent picture someone shared with me.  She was in heaven and their angel was showing her around.  She saw amazing, beyond our wildest imagination places and things.

Then she saw a large building off to one side.

“I want to see what’s inside!” She declared.

“No, I don’t think you do.” said her angel.  So they walked on and again saw more fantastic sights in heaven.

They came around the corner and here was the large buildling again.

“Yes, oh please.  I want to see inside this building.”

Sadly the angel agreed and they walked in the door.  There were rooms and rooms, filled with shelves and shelves.  Boxes of all sort and shapes were on the shelves.

“What’s all this?” She asked.

“These are all the blessings and gifts the Father of Creator wanted to give His loved ones … but they refused to accept or denied they needed anything.”

So, if you need help, if you need the creator of Love to help heal any part of your heart, He is more than willing.  Remember that is what the Lord Jesus came for …” heal the broken hearted”.

The choice is yours as He will never go against your will.  He so values your free choice that He has chosen to allow you to make the decision … even the decision where your eternal spirit will reside forever.

As each day passes, it’s another day without getting the help – the boxes – God wants to share with you.  You can never take back the day … it’s gone and you only have this minute to do something with your life.  Tomorrow it yet to come.

May I leave this last thought with you from Psalm 90:12  “Teach me to number my days so I may present You with a wise heart.”

May you continue to grow in your abiltiy to hear from our Father of Light,

Susanne Fengler, blog editor.



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