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4/4 Begin Your Personal Journey through Inner Healing


In our last post on Hearing God, we have been discussing the Psychology of Jesus and we explored the basics of ‘Inner Healing’.  In a nutshell, the process allows Jesus to heal the pain we have locked away in our ‘unconscious’ or our heart.  My examples were of the wasp’s nest, of Gail’s terror over the scratched car and Marty’s journey to release his emotions after he saw his traumatic event.

Today we will expand this topic by adding the concept of ‘heart healing’.  When Sigmund Freud talked about the unconscious and subconscious part of our personality, I believe he was talking about what the Bible calls ‘the heart’.  We continue now with the actual journey in our next post (4/5) on how to get the healing that we need to begin to grow in a healthy direction again.

We continue now with the actual journey to get the healing that we need to begin to grow in a healthy direction again.


The pathway of inner healing will be different for different people.  Some of the ways to find a starting point are as follows:

1.  The presence of very painful emotions that interferes with your normal daily routine – which can lead you to a painful memory.

2.  Discovering that you are caught in reactions, for example:  “I have problems with my pastor’s wife, my mother-in-law, my home group leader and my boss at work.  They’re all strong females and I react to them.”

3.  By learning to talk with the heart and discover its pain.  (For more on this topic, visit   on the Heart)

4.  Working with the ‘little child within you’ which represents some stuck point in your past,

5.  Physical pain, such as “a burning poker in my stomach” which is caused my some trauma that your body has not released,

6.  Some people may already know the self-talk and the lies their heart believes,

7.  Others may have received a ‘word of knowledge’ from others or something the Lord has already said to them,  (See out blog on Spiritual Gifts is you don’t understand this term: for the posts on ‘Spiritual Gifts’.

8.  You can see Spiritual pictures:  the throne, a wall, etc.  (Again this is an important topic, so see for Resources to learn how to do this.)


1.  Recurring events, memories which Interfere with life

A major sign of trauma is when painful, unfaced memories continue to emerge through our defences and interfere with normal living.  We seem caught in cycles of events.

 Reoccurring mental pictures, scenes or dreams bring disturbance and disrupt our emotional and spiritual life.  People can recognise reoccurring patterns as they are caught “in the every present state of being” traumatized.

2.  A Deep Sense of Rejection

The word ‘rejection’ actually means “to strike or to harm”, especially when applied to anything that strikes or harms our sense of Self.   The closer the person is / was that hurt us (or the more significant), the deeper the hurt.

3.  A Re-occurring Sense of shame, guilt and humiliation

  This is most often seen when some devastating event brings deep damage to a fragile self-esteem.  Agonizing memories result.

4.  Continuing horrible thoughts and disabling fears

   5.  Continued, intense emotional reactions, such as hate, anger or bitterness

6.  Problems getting close to God, worship or spiritual growth is blocked

It is important to remember that we are all dysfunctional in God’s sight.  Therefore, many of these symptoms are common, especially coming from clearly seen dysfunctional backgrounds.  However, if you experience many of the points, or the entire above list, in your life, it would be a good idea to pray about finding help in those areas.


1.  Always look for competent helpers before you begin this journey.

The experience of inner healing is very effective in dealing with areas of trauma and abuse.  Seek out people working in this area who have a good knowledge of how repression and denial interact to present a false view of survival of life’s pains.

Ripping away these defences and exposing the heart’s pain without giving you more effective ways of coping will only make the pain worse.  The pain may come to the surface all right but what does the person do with their pain then?  Only allow qualified people to work on your issues, especially in the areas of inner healing and heart work.

2.  Sometimes, a ‘false memory’ is traced rather than what really happened.

“Joanne was certain that her father has sexually abused her when she was 5.  It had been quite an ‘earthquake’ when she followed the advice of (an unwise) counsellor to confront him and tell the family.

“As she wept through her story and went back to check her facts, the scratchy beard that little girl had felt became clearer.  To her horror, it was her Uncle and not her Dad that had touched her.  It was the guidance of the first counsellor that had convinced her it was her dad.  What a mess!”

3.  If you find yourself needed help …..please remember that this is part of the normal Christian journey of growth and change.  Help your heart to trust and allow the Lord of all Creation to restore your world by His love.

4.  Here are some good books on the topic of Inner Healing:

   a)  You can start with the eBook from your blog Author.  You can find the eBook at

This is an eBook written by Susanne Fengler to help people understand the basic concepts of the ‘Inner Child Within’.

Many people who have traumatic childhoods will have buried memories and unhealed scars.   Often these pains are kept as ‘ childhood stuck points’  Discovering your own ‘Inner Child’ can be part of the journey to wholeness.


b)  Deliverance and Inner Healing  by by John Loren Sandford and Mark Sandford (Nov 1, 2008)

Excerpt – Front Matter: “… brings understanding of both inner healing and deliverance in a unique …”  44 of 45 people found the following review helpful:

March 28, 2000 By A Customer  This review is from: Deliverance and Inner Healing (Paperback)

“Mr. Sandford does an excellent job of explaining the interrelation of deliverance and inner healing. I have witnessed an attempt to deliver a person without the necessary inner healing follow up. The results were disastrous. Many take for granted the healing power of God, omit repentance and never deal with the root of the problem. Perhaps arrogance motivates people to wield the power of the Holy Spirit without using wisdom. This book is a must for anyone interested in deliverance.”

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c)  Inside Out: Dump the baggage and discover hope through inner healing by Kimberly Daniels (May 6, 2008)   (8 customer reviews)

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In a nutshell, inner healing is allowing Jesus to expose and heal the damaged emotion or memories we have repressed or denied.  As the living Jesus touches, heals and forgives, we find a release from whatever stuck point/s we have experienced.  This part of our adventure with Jesus is what He also came for, what He died for and what He wants to give us as we walk with Him.  It is up to us to ‘accept’ His Lordship in this area of our life too.

In our next post, we will continue with this important subject by adding another important layer.  We need to find the lies and half-truths that our heart still hangs onto, those “stuck” points in our growth.  This is how to apply the concept to your own life.


1.  Assess the general characteristics of your Family Tree.

Inherited issues can come down through our Family of Origin.  Briefly describe the general characteristics of your family line.  Is there anything there that the Lord says to deal with?

2.  Generational inventory of traumas you have experienced.

Draw this chart in your workbook.  List the traumas of your life, along with your age and a brief description of the situation.  Include any events of violence, perversion, occult activity, ungodly sexual experience, physical accidents, intense grief, personal tragedies, emotional pain/s or events that left a pain point in your life. 

You may need to ask the Lord to show you such points if you are unaware of any emotional responses.  These events may leave brokenness emotionally, perhaps physically and spiritually.  These events can be the ‘doors’ where the enemy can still touch our life.

#    Event/trauma:     Age/situation:   What do I do now?



Thanks again for joining us and may the Lord use this information to set more of His body free to be what we need to be as Jesus Followers.  Join us for the next post on Finding your Heart Healing.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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